Start the day like Nordic god with breakfast charcuterie

Color us converts to breakfast charcuterie. In addition to being delicious, it was super-duper easy—perfect for lazy Sunday mornings.

Try this Soupy Rice with Chicken and Vegetables from Food & Wine

This Soupy Rice with Chicken and Vegetables from Food & Wine was warm and heartening. The tomato gave it zest. The rice provided substance. The peas added a little sweetness. The olives delivered a surprising, briny pop. And despite being comfort food, the meal was relatively healthy.

This summer Cobb salad is a grand slam

This summer Cobb salad with garden-fresh tomato is a grand slam, especially its dressing, a non-creamy, clean-eating riff on honey mustard.

Instant Pot Kung Pao Chicken

We used a trick to give the chicken a crispy, fried-like texture. This sauce tastes bold and spicy. The Instant Pot does yeoman’s work.

Airfryer Seasoned French Fries are a worthy impersonation

An airfryer makes delicious French fries. And, if it could do nothing else, that’d be enough because healthier French fries change the game.

Not-Your-Father’s Taco Salad

Hearing taco salad for dinner, we expected a shell bowl filled with grease and sour cream. But, this taco salad is not that taco salad.

This Moroccan Rotisserie Chicken tickled our palates with delight

Today, we created a Moroccan paste for this rotisserie chicken, which we spit-roasted on our backyard grill.

Chicken Kebabs with a Lemon Coconut Aminos Glaze, an Ultimate Summer Food

These chicken kebabs with lemon coconut aminos glaze won the night. We served them over wholegrain rice—an ultimate summer meal.

Dark Meat Chicken Noodle Soup in the Instant Pot

Seeking to accentuate the “comfort” for our sick wife, we used skin-on chicken thighs for this chicken noddle soup made in the Instant Pot.

Chopped Cruciferous Salad with Lemon Olive Oil Dressing and Grilled Chicken Breast

Filling, clean, flavorful, crisp, this chopped cruciferous salad with lemon olive oil dressing tastes like summer in a shallow bowl.

Breaded Pork Chops Sous Vide with Tangy Mushroom Sauce

We cooked pork chops sous vide then breaded and finished them in the oven to get that crispy, crunchy crust using our faux fried technique.

Pressure Cooker Chicken Breast and Broccoli Pasta: Healthy, probably, maybe, could be

Here’s a recipe for chicken breast and broccoli sauce in the Instant Pot. The magical ingredient is the renderings from the chicken skin.

Get Festive: Shredded Chicken Tacos Using an Instant Pot

We wanted shredded chicken tacos. Our Instant Pot, per usual, handled the heavy lifting. Do not sleep on our homemade pico de gallo, though.

We favor Kansas City Cowtown Bar-B-Q Sauce on our smoked meats

Our favorite variety of barbecue sauce is Kansas City Cowtown Bar-B-Q Sauce, which is manufactured locally. It won the 2001 American Royal Barbecue Contest. That means that other people who also know barbecue, like really know barbecue, deemed it to be as fantastic as we believe it to be.

Corn Curry Chowder: A Perfect Noreaster Dinner

It’s March. Although we expect springtime temperatures, that did not stop a blizzard from blowing into town. They call it, “Noreaster.” We might not know what means. We do know that it’s unwelcome. And, uninvited. And, stupid. Do we sound like resentful gentlemen? Guilty as charged! We want to be frolicking. Instead, we are shivering. […]

Fried chicken without the frying but still with the chicken

With a pressure cooker and an oven, we replicated the black magic of frying. The meat remains tender and juicy while exterior gets crispy.

Crispy skin is key: Chicken Thighs, Pressure Cooked and Broiled

We adore our Instant Pot and how tender and juicy it makes chicken. But, the skin comes out limp. The solution? Broil it!

It needn’t be Thanksgiving to eat a turkey breast and gravy sandwich

We prepared turkey breast in the pressure cooker and made gravy with the stock and drippings. It made a delicious sandwich. 

Turkey Sausage Sweet Potato Spinach Soup Will Warm You

Where we sit as we write this article, the calendar reads January. A chill permeates the air. The skies look dull and dreary. The day darkens too early. It’s winter. The dead of winter. We could use a boost—something to warm our bellies and cheer our souls. Luckily, we know the remedy. Soup. Is there […]

Italian Macaroni and Cheese in the Pressure Cooker

We found ourselves home alone. That spells trouble. Well, at our age, trouble carries different connotations. It means that we’re going to try a cooking experiment, maybe set the house on fire, definitely dirty a lot of dishes. We’ve been craving homemade macaroni and cheese. Our significant other–God love her–has exercised her veto every time […]

Pressure Cooker Pulled Pork: Fast, Simple, Delicious

We craved pulled pork. With icy weather, we didn’t want to man a smoker for seven hours. Solution? A pressure cooker. Tender and succulent!

Smoked Brisket Sous Vide: Wow wow wee waa!

Smoked brisket sous vide is splendid. Delicate. Fragrant. Juicy. Flavorful. It delivers everything that you could ask of a brisket.

Biscuits and Sausage Gravy: A Foolproof Hangover Remedy

We have traditions. One of them is eating biscuits and sausage gravy the morning after overindulging. Nothing feels so comforting. Nothing tastes so delicious. Nothing provides such instantaneous, almost medicinal relief. Biscuits and sausage gravy. Man, what a gift. Oddly, we’d never made our own biscuits and gravy. We’d always been buyers. This had something […]

Beef Short Ribs Braised in Red Wine: Celebratory Food

Because short ribs taste divine and elicit warm recollections, we developed a recipe for beef short ribs braised in red wine using an Instant Pot.

Turkey Sloppy Joes saved our Sunday

In 1963, the Dallas Texans of the American Football League relocated to Missouri and became the Kansas City Chiefs. That first year, their inaugural season, our grandfather purchased season tickets. Those seats have remained in our family for now 53 years. We at G@H zealously follow our hometown team. We wear the gear. We fly […]

Turkey Sausage-Stuffed Acorn Squash Just Like Someone’s Mother Used to Make

Acorn squash is a vessel which delivers deliciousness of all types, sweet or savory, including this turkey sausage stuffing.

Beef Burgundy in the Electric Pressure Cooker

We found ourselves with two things: an opened bottle of red wine and an eye of round beef roast. So, we prepared up a vat of beef burgundy. 

The Fundamentals: Whole Roasted Chicken

Chicken was meant to be cooked whole with crispy skin. Anyone can roast a chicken. It’s child’s play. Here’s how to elevate the experience.

Butternut Squash Ravioli with Sausage and Sage Brown Butter Sauce

If you have leftover butternut squash ravioli with sausage and sage brown butter sauce, then you did something wrong. Gloriously decadent!

Turkey Buffalo Gameday Chili

We developed this autumn chili recipe which mixes the flavors of the land and the air. That is, we used ground buffalo and ground turkey.

Hungarian Pork Paprikash: a meal you’ll think about for at least a decade

Paprikash delivers rich, tangy, velvety flavor. Tomato provides acidity. Sour cream makes it smooth. Tender pork gives it the taste of home.

Have a little fun; make this peach mint salsa

We made peach mint salsa which we served in tacos over chunks of rotisserie chicken. Super easy. Super fresh. Super tasty. A 15-minute meal.

The Taste of August: Peach Sheep Cheese Tomato Arugula Salad

Our favorite things about August? Tomatoes and peaches! They paired swimmingly in this arugula salad with sheep cheese, pecans and balsamic.

Walnut Basil Oregano Pesto Will More Than Do

Take advantage of a bursting garden by whipping up for fresh walnut basil oregano pesto. We substituted walnuts for pine nuts and tossed in some oregano.

Coconut Milk Chicken Curry in a Hurry; Thanks, Pressure Cooker!

Indian food can be intimidating to make at home. But, if you have a pressure cooker, this coconut milk chicken curry is almost foolproof.

Our play on a classic: Avocado Caprese Salad with Balsamic Glaze

This variation on the classic Caprese adds avocado. Instead of balsamic vinegar, it uses balsamic glaze, which is richer and more decadent.

A pork loin kebab kind of night

Our garden is teeming with fresh vegetables. What to do? Toss them on the grill with pork loin. It’s a kebab kinda night.

Chocolate and Butterscotch Mixed Nut Bars – Sweet and Salty, Kinda Like Us

We planned to make peanut butter bars but couldn’t resist tossing in walnuts, almonds and Macadamia nuts. Crunchy. Satisfying. Decadent.

Pork Shoulder Tacos with Asian Slaw and Sriracha Mayo

In a recent article, we supplied a recipe for sweet chili sauce braised pork shoulder. We incorporated the pork into spring rolls, which were wholly satisfying. If you’ve ever made pork shoulder, though, you know that it results in a ton of meat. So, we had leftovers. A lot of leftovers. Being both conservationists and […]

So fresh and so cool: our Sweet Chili Sauce Braised Pork Shoulder Spring Rolls

Come summer, we start craving spring rolls because they’re cool, crisp and fresh. We developed this recipe for sweet braised pork shoulder spring rolls.

Pork spare ribs are our favorite to smoke and to eat

Pork spare ribs are big and meaty with tons of fat and connective tissue that melts when cooked low and slow — a barbecuer’s barceque.

Honey Garlic Sriracha Chicken Wings

As lovers of chicken wings, we’ve begun developing healthier recipes. Our pressure cooker is key. It develops bold flavor and rich sauce.

Lemon Dill Salmon Grilled on a Plank

Planking is a grilling technique wherein meat is cooked on hardwood and the food absorbs the wood’s natural flavors.

The Poor Eggs are in Purgatory with Turkey Sausage

Eggs in Purgatory, or shakshuka, is a staple of Middle Eastern cruise, which is popular in Morocco, Egypt, and Israel. We added turkey sausage.

Homegrown Raspberries with Homemade Coconut Shortcake

We topped homemade warm coconut shortcake with homegrown cool raspberries.

This Creamy Mushroom Polenta Will Bring Eastern Europe Home

For something so straightforward, something with a main ingredient as cheap and basic as corn meal, the dish tastes blissful. Here’s our recipe for creamy mushroom polenta in the pressure cooker.

Grilled Plank Salmon with a Mustard Brown Sugar Glaze

Grilling salmon on a plank, however, is rather foolproof. More importantly, it delivers a juicy, smoky, perfectly done piece of salmon.

Honey Vanilla Strawberry Jam is Spring in a Jar

We transformed a bowl of homegrown strawberries into jars of honey vanilla strawberry jam. Toast never tasted so good.

Chocolate walnut waffles with strawberry balsamic syrup

This chocolate walnut waffle—or as we’ve dubbed it “choc-affle”—was decadent and paired well with our homemade strawberry balsamic syrup.

Savory Takes its Turn: Sharp Cheddar Cornmeal Waffles with Fresh Parsley

Sunday has been designated “Waffle Day.” Today, though, savory took its turn. We made sharp cheddar cornmeal waffles with fresh parsley.