Big Boy Sarsaparilla with Crown Royal Vanilla and Root Liqueur

Vanilla whiskey and root liqueur without anything else produces a spectacular sip. We added flavors of orange, brown sugar and bitters.

Buy This: Giorgio Brutini Men’s Liston Slip-On Loafers

We trudge. That’s the most accurate description of how we walk. We drag our feet. We bump into things. It takes a heavy toll on our shoes. We’ve tried to lift our feet and watch where we step. Those are noble ambitions; they just aren’t happening. Not for us. We’d love to buy expensive shoes […]

Knit Ties from The Tie Bar

We consider ourselves knit tie enthusiasts. They are versatile. They provide the means to class things up while keeping it casual.

Aren’t these handsome shoes? Lenox Hill Split Oxfords from Cole Haan

We recently got these Lenox Hill Split Oxfords from Cole Haan. Aren’t they handsome? We adore them to a degree that some may find unhealthy.

If Winston Churchill can rock the bow tie whilst saving Britain, that’s a power look worth considering

It’s funny how we gradually accumulate skills. About a year ago, we first learned how to tie a bow tie. That it took so long cause us some embarrassment. We just never had occasion to learn. We wore bow ties only a handful of times with tuxedos—high school prom, as groomsmen in weddings, an occasional […]

Looking good, feeling good

Duel-sport phenom Deion Sanders once said, “If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. If you play good, they pay good.” That’s at least partially true. Our vision is deteriorating. We need glasses. But, hey, glasses have become a thing, so let’s embrace it. We got this pair of […]

Make your face look better for only $95 with Warby Parker

If you’re like us, you lose eyeglasses. And, that sucks because they are expensive. Have you heard of Warby Parker? It sells affordable, stylish eyeglasses over the internet. You select five pairs. Warby Parker sends you them to try on. You return the five pairs but order any that you’d like with prescription lens for […]

Ferro Aldo Men’s Round-Toe Dress Loafers

We aren’t shoe people, per se. But, we definitely find ourselves in the midst of a shoe phase. See, we don’t buy many shoes. We stick to the basics—pairs of loafers and lace-ups in both brown and black, a pair of casual slip-ons, and a pair of trainers. We wear the heck out of them […]

Cricket Penny Loafers by Florsheim

Like most men, we envy those who’ve mastered skills with which we struggle. Here’s the bitter truth: we suck at walking. We drag our feet. We kick things. We trip (but rarely fall). Although this affliction may seem harmless, it wreaks havoc on our poor shoes—Scuff City, USA. Even if we could afford a $300 […]

Buy This: Harris Tweed Plaid Wallet

Our wallet bores us. We buy a new one every year or two, but it’s basically the same wallet. Brown leather. Trifold. Dull. In this wondrous digital age where thermostats learn, robots vacuum and dogs wear boots, the fault falls on our handsome yet conformist shoulders. This tired cycle must end. It’s time to grab […]

BE IT RESOLVED, knitted ties mean business

We at G@H have long been intrigued by the knitted tie. Aesthetically, we approve. But, we never quite understood. Is a knitted tie less formal than a traditional one? Is a knitted tie too casual for the office? If so, what’s its utility? Who spends their leisure time with a buttoned top button? Not us. […]

Give the gift of fandom this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day approaches. We at G@H are rather ambivalent about this pseudo-holiday. But, if it brings you joy, celebrate with pomp and vigor. Eat well. Drink much. Be merry. For those searching out a unique gift for an exceptional woman, we have a suggestion. You like sports, so does she. You support your hometown team, […]

Ivy Checked Tie from the

Is your workplace business casual? Here’s a gentlemanly tip: wear a tie, anyway. Ties will help you win friends and influence people. Ties command respect. And, we certainly respect this Ivy Checked Tie from We at G@H have not used this product and cannot speak to its quality or effectiveness

Looped Clinton Reversible Bow Tie

We at G@H once believed bowties diminished the gravitas of the wearer. We thought they were reserved for country lawyers, aloof academics and Pee-Wee Herman. Hogwash! In truth, nothing exudes swagger like a bowtie. By wearing one, you proclaim: “Judge me if you will but miscalculate me at your peril because I am an extraordinary […]

Wurkin Stiffs Magnetic Collar Stays

We at G@H wish that we’d invented the metal collar stay. We’d be filthy rich, right? A stiff collar makes the gentleman, and nothing proves more irksome than a bent plastic stay. These gems from even integrate magnets to ensure that your collar holds the position of your choosing. The innovation, alas, is not […]

Buy This: Stührling Original ST-90050 Skeleton Watch

Your phone, car and computer all have clocks. So, you may not need a watch, but you should wear a watch. Why? Bare-wristed men don’t rule the world. If you have holiday cash coming your way, get yourself a nice watch. We at G@H dig the Stührling Original ST-90050 Skeleton Watch. It’s sleek. It’s masculine. […]

Attention Fashion Frontiersmen: Boutonnieres Are Back

Some gentleman are fashion frontiersmen. They forge ahead into the wilderness of style and blaze trails for the rest of us. If you rank among these pioneers, we tip our caps to you. Your triumphs entice us to evolve. Your catastrophes save us needless humiliation. As a thank you, let us to alert you to […]

Buy This: Twill White Stripe Tangerine Tie

We at G@H cherish spring. Who doesn’t?  (A few janitors at Daytona Beach’s seedier motels, perhaps.) Like Nick D’Aloisio, spring has got it all. Sun. Golf. Grilling. Hiking. Dining outdoors. Fresh fruit and vegetables. Baseball. Thunderstorms. The season also presents unique fashion opportunities. With everyone eager to escape winter’s doldrums, prohibitions on bright colors and […]

Zubaz predict NCAA tournament winner

We at G@H want to share our tournament pick: Duke. Why? Not Seth Curry or Mason Plumlee.  Not their draw. Not even Coach K.  In reality, we don’t much care for Duke, but they won in 1992.  And, what was big in 1992 has re-surged in 2013. As proof, we cite Zubaz, the pioneer of the zebra-print […]

Free Spectacles!

Sometimes a gentleman misplaces his glasses.  Sometimes his dog hides them under the sofa. Sometimes a jettisoned lover swipes them as a memento.  And, sometimes the gentleman crushes them under the wheels of his 2009 Ford Fusion. Regardless of why you need an extra pair, Coastal is offering an incredible deal for new customers. Go […]

Buy This: Hollow Madras – Dark Peach Tie

Do yourself a huge favor. Buy this tie now. Wear it frequently. And, when the masses beg to know its origins, inform them, “A gentleman never tells.” We at G@H have not used this product and cannot speak to its quality or effectiveness