Cricket Penny Loafers by Florsheim

Posted on January 29, 2015

Cricket Penny Loafers by Florsheim

Like most men, we envy those who’ve mastered skills with which we struggle. Here’s the bitter truth: we suck at walking. We drag our feet. We kick things. We trip (but rarely fall). Although this affliction may seem harmless, it wreaks havoc on our poor shoes—Scuff City, USA.

Even if we could afford a $300 pair, buying one would be plain dumb. We spend frugally on footwear. We scout for value. Recently, we discovered a pair that delivers on price, style and comfort. We got these Cricket Penny Loafers by Florsheim for Christmas. They sport clean lines and study construction. A memory foam insole protects our feet from the cold, cruel outside world. And, at $99.99, well, they make our wallets happy.

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