STOCKHOLM Ottoman from IKEA: Our feet finally have somewhere to go

We were lacking proper feet-kicking-up equipment, so we got this STOCKHOLM Ottoman from IKEA. t doubles as a seat. It also spins around.

Industrial Glass Pendant from West Elm

For what seems like forever, we’ve lusted after this Industrial Glass Pendant from West Elm. You may not believe us. You may think that we’re a bunch of liars. Fibbers. Hoodwinkers. Call our bluff; we dare you. Come on! source: Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, as Exhibit A, we present our Pinterest pin […]

Slice Mirror Wall-Mounted Storage Shelves from CB2

Our bedroom needs some serious attention. It requires a rejuvenation. To that end, we are on the hunt for a new king bed and some fresh linen. At least, though, we have a bed, and we have sheets. We currently have no nightstands. We are nightstand-less. And, it’s damn embarrassing. We feel like hobos. More […]

Succulents rock. Succulents rock. Ohio!

We at G@H appreciate a nice houseplant. It really can class up a space. When evaluating options, we favor attractiveness, of course, but also durability and ease of maintenance. That is, we want a plant that dies hard like Bruce Willis. As busy, in-demand gentlemen, we sometimes forget the watering. That can prove fatal. Nothing […]

It’s our pegboard organizational apparatus–you know, for cookware

As far as projects go, this pegboard organizational apparatus was both cheap and easy. We bought the pegboard at Home Depot. We got the mounts and hooks on Amazon. Everything cost about $40 total. Not shabby.

Bring the Great Outdoors Indoors Where There’s Air Conditioning and No Bugs

We fancy ourselves gardeners. We have this running joke. We show people our thumb and ask what color is that? They say a normal color that would describe human skin. We retort: “That baby’s green. It’s a green thumb.” No, no. We don’t actually do that. It would be terrible and stupid. We are neither […]

The Want List: casbah outdoor sectional from CB2

source: Who doesn’t love summer? There are some people because there are always some people. But we write this blog. And we at G@H enjoy summer, especially summer evenings. Little can top a dry, 75-degree evening spent outdoors enjoying an adult beverage or a cold ice tea, relaxing alone or commiserating with friends. To […]

These walls can talk, so have them tell a kick-ass tale of glory and adventure

We all have that friend. You drop by his place to grab a beer before heading to the ballgame. It’s a fine place. He’s got an obscenely large television and a new sectional sofa. But, something alarms you. It’s his walls. They are utterly, embarrassingly bare. “Just move in?” you ask. “No,” he responds. “Packing […]

How beer snobby are you?

There is something comforting about drinking beer out of it a can. It stirs pleasant memories of our first beer—and the next couple of hundred. We now live in the golden age of craft beer. Craft beer is awesome, but it comes almost exclusively in the bottle. Frankly, we miss the feel of the old, […]

The Want List: drommen king bed

We find ourselves in the market for a new bed. We thought we knew what we wanted: a white platform bed with a low-profile headboard. We haven’t found that exact bed. But we did find this one, the drommen king bed from CB2. It’s awesome, isn’t it? Now, it has stolen our hearts. source:

The Want List: Symbol Stereo Console

We bought a few Powerball tickets this week. Much like fame, though, fortune escaped us. If we had won that jackpot, who knows what we’d do. We might have bought this Symbol Stereo Console because it looks incredible. source:

The Want List: Even gentlemen need nightstands

We at G@H are in the market for a nightstand. We’re simple gentlemen who don’t need much. Food. Shelter. Purpose. The basics. Just recently, we’ve discovered that we need a night stand. The realization struck as we stumbled out of bed yesterday and inadvertently punted a glass of water, which we’d set on the floor […]

Buy This: Kasbah Wool Rug from west elm

Life is all about finding joy in unique places. Who doesn’t like a good rug? Rugs have personality and pizzazz. Rugs smartly accent hardwood floors, bringing a pleasant duality to a room. And, rugs are far superior to carpet. A shag carpet is creepy, but a shag rug is just plain comfy—ask our Boston Terrier, […]

The Right Duvet Goes a Long Way – And Other Bedding Tips from G@H

We at G@H promote the holistic gentleman. But, we acknowledge that it doesn’t all come naturally. We’ve always loved sports. Technology continually captivates us. We’ve never declined smoked spare ribs. Other things, though, are acquired skills/tastes. We had to learn the utility of nice, sturdy silverware. We didn’t instinctively get that tidy isn’t synonymous with […]

Bring Elementary School Home with a Hanging Map of the World

Did you dig the third grade? We did. Tetherball. Multiplication tables. Salsberry steak for lunch every Wednesday. Heads of 7-Up. You should’ve seen our science project – blue g-d ribbon. Those were the terrific times. And, we all should commemorate them. Remember that world map hanging from the front of your classroom? We’ve got one […]

Thomas Edison is dead but his ghost lives on in your light bulbs

Thomas Alva Edison didn’t invent the light bulb. But, in 1880, he made electric light practical by developing an incandescent bulb that burned for 1,200 hours. That’s history. And, it’s unimportant. Actually, it’s important. Very important. Just not important here. Humans are fickle. Someone devises something. People love it. Someone makes it better. People abandon […]

Phillips Original Radio and iPhone Dock

Being a professional gentleman requires some late nights in the office. When stress is high, sleep is little, and your co-workers have left for the day, the situation warrants rocking out. Your sanity will thank you—so will the janitor who surely will respect your earnest pen drum solo.  This Phillips Original radio and iPhone dock […]

Mohawk Home Medallion Shag Area Rug

To those who say a rug makes a lame holiday gift, shut your mouth. You’ll use it every day unlike that superfluous fondue pot. The high pile is bliss between your toes.  And, a nice rug can really tie a room together.  Right now, we at G@H are lusting after this Mohawk Home Medallion Shag […]

Being a bachelor doesn’t give you license to be an Ebenezer

We would rather not accent our mantel with seasonal décor. Frankly, not to offend your Aunt Edna, it is a tad cheesy. Pinecones belong outside. Fake cherries look fake. Snow globes creep us out. More than that, changing décor every three months demands too much effort—at least more effort that we are willing to expend. […]

Display Your Sporting Pride with Gentlemanly Style

We at G@H revile the term, “mancave.” It assumes the worst about our gender – that we require compartmentalization because we are tasteless, obtuse boobs who given the opportunity will transform any area into a fraternity den.  This may ring true to some males but not for gentlemen. Gentlemen can design. We can appreciate spacing […]

Glass orbs dangling from the ceiling

Glass really classes up a gentleman’s domain. It filters light across the room. It adds texture and elements of interest without blocking sightlines or dominating the space. We see only one problem with glass: it breaks. This happens when it mixes with pets, wine, storytelling, feats of strength and/or clumsiness. G@H’s solution? Suspend glass elements […]

IKEA is a fairytale land where dreams come true

We at G@H worship at the altar of IKEA. The world’s largest furniture retailer catches flak in certain circles. Critics see it as a place college students flock for cheap, assembly-required furniture. That may be true, but do not miss the forest for the trees. IKEA provides a sanctuary of clean, modern style. Its products […]

Home Decorating with the Pride of Chippewa Falls

You want your home to reflect the dynamism of you. Your style. Your creativity. Your vigor and gusto.  You may have painted your den the ideal shade of squirrel grey. You may have invested a week’s salary in a mid-century modern sofa from West Elm. Yet, something is off. The room feels lacking, rather empty. […]

A Collection of Beer Labels Commemorates Your Global Exploits

You backpacked across India. You studied a semester at sea. You speak four languages, including an almost dead aboriginal dialect. Every summer, you lead a medical mission to Haiti. Every Christmas, you sponsor all the children  in a remote Mongolian village. You are a gentleman of the world.  We commend you.  But, along with adaptability […]

The Want List: ZigZag Wool Rug

A gentleman can dream.  Here’s what is currently captivating us at G@H. We revere The Big Lebowski but rarely consult the Dude for design tips. Nonetheless, he preaches truth about rugs: they can really tie a room together.  Unlike Donny, this is our element, and we wish we owned this ZigZag Wool Rug from west […]

Let William Howard Taft Lend His Substantial Gravitas to Your Fireplace Mantel

An oil painting hung above the fireplace says sophistication. But, a gentleman must exercise prudence when selecting his artwork. It will serve as the room’s focal point and speak volumes about its exhibitor.  It should be a portrait.  Frankly, the mantle is no place for a painting of a wheat field or a unicorn (unless […]