Display Your Sporting Pride with Gentlemanly Style

Posted on November 13, 2013

G@H's Sports Illustrated gallery

We at G@H revile the term, “mancave.” It assumes the worst about our gender – that we require compartmentalization because we are tasteless, obtuse boobs who given the opportunity will transform any area into a fraternity den.  This may ring true to some males but not for gentlemen.

Gentlemen can design. We can appreciate spacing and lighting, color and texture, balance and geometry. We too like clocks and side tables. We appreciate apothecary jars and antique books. We think a nice rug can really tie a room together.

Our decorating palate includes more than sports memorabilia. Yet, a gentleman need not hide his love of the athletic.  Sport unites communities and cultures. Competition challenges the human spirit. If it speaks to you, go ahead; display that ball or hang that jersey.  Just practice a little moderation.

Need an idea? Allow us to suggest a cluster of framed Sports Illustrated covers.  Unlike other sports memorabilia, magazines are inexpensive. We bought three back issues on eBay, the other off the newsstand. In total, we spent $13.97.  And unlike other sports memorabilia, magazines fit smartly into off-the-rack frames. These Ribba frames from IKEA come in white, black, brown, gray, red and aluminum. So, you can honor that famed 2007 season while keeping things diverse.

Design-wise, we gentlemen can amaze – kind of like this 8-seconds-left game-winning Joe Montana touchdown versus the Broncos on Monday Night Football. Amazing.