STOCKHOLM Ottoman from IKEA: Our feet finally have somewhere to go

Posted on June 14, 2017


For years, we’ve lusted after this STOCKHOLM Ottoman from IKEA, and last weekend, we splurged on it. Why now? Because we deserved it, gosh darn it–at least our feet did.

You might notice the chair behind our new ottoman. It’s also from IKEA, a EKTORP side chair. It is a sturdy piece with a nifty name. We really dig its interchangeable covers. Like a mood ring, the chair can transform colors based on your whimsy. Options come in Blekinge white, Idemo red, Svanby gray, and others.

But, outside of entertaining company, we rarely use the EKTORP side chair. It would seem like a fantastic spot to read the newspaper or work on the laptop. However, when feeling leisurely, we want to kick up our feet, literally. And, well, we were lacking the proper feet-kicking-up equipment.

Here at G@H, we consider ourselves major IKEA fans. We once authored an article, titled, “IKEA is a fairytale land where dreams come true.” Having acquired many IKEA items, this ottoman might be the only one which required no assembly. And, it functions not only as an ottoman; it doubles as a seat. It also spins around. Pretty nifty.



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