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STOCKHOLM Ottoman from IKEA: Our feet finally have somewhere to go

We were lacking proper feet-kicking-up equipment, so we got this STOCKHOLM Ottoman from IKEA. t doubles as a seat. It also spins around.

Bring Elementary School Home with a Hanging Map of the World

Did you dig the third grade? We did. Tetherball. Multiplication tables. Salsberry steak for lunch every Wednesday. Heads of 7-Up. You should’ve seen our science project – blue g-d ribbon. Those were the terrific times. And, we all should commemorate them. Remember that world map hanging from the front of your classroom? We’ve got one […]

Kwikset Kevo: Keys? Where we’re going we don’t need keys

Welcome to the future. Progress marches. Innovation blossoms. Bold people search for ingenious solutions to everyday problems. Our thermostats learn. Robots vacuum our homes. And, now, we don’t even need keys because we can open the door with our iPhone. The Kwikset Kevo is a deadbolt. It comes with regular keys and can be unlocked […]