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STOCKHOLM Ottoman from IKEA: Our feet finally have somewhere to go

We were lacking proper feet-kicking-up equipment, so we got this STOCKHOLM Ottoman from IKEA. t doubles as a seat. It also spins around.

Bring the Great Outdoors Indoors Where There’s Air Conditioning and No Bugs

We fancy ourselves gardeners. We have this running joke. We show people our thumb and ask what color is that? They say a normal color that would describe human skin. We retort: “That baby’s green. It’s a green thumb.” No, no. We don’t actually do that. It would be terrible and stupid. We are neither […]

These walls can talk, so have them tell a kick-ass tale of glory and adventure

We all have that friend. You drop by his place to grab a beer before heading to the ballgame. It’s a fine place. He’s got an obscenely large television and a new sectional sofa. But, something alarms you. It’s his walls. They are utterly, embarrassingly bare. “Just move in?” you ask. “No,” he responds. “Packing […]