A Long Weekend in New York

We enjoyed one helluva weekend in NYC, including eating, drinking, socializing, a little culture and even a trip to the theater. Here’s a comprehensive, linear itinerary of our exploits.

In Memoriam: Brandon Lee Russell

Photo by Mary Beth Russell / epagaFOTO This blog is but a lark. We try to be lighthearted and fun. For us, this serves as—and we hope that it provides—a pleasant distraction from the strains and tribulations of life. To that end, we rarely go personal and never post anything melancholy. But, on Saturday, April […]

Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats will have you clapping, stomping and shimmying

We recently caught Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats. It’s roots rock with a heavy shade of blues.

48 Hours in Brew City: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

If it’s summer, visit Milwaukee. If it’s winter, plan your summer trip to Milwaukee.

People who tell you not to buy a Powerball ticket should shut their mouths

Guess what? Odds don’t favor you winning the Powerball jackpot. According to the USA Today, your odds are 1 in 292.2 million, but we at G@H are still buying tickets. If we win, the naysayers get nothing. On Saturday afternoon, we were in a lonesome bar in Washington D.C. watching our Chiefs trounce the Texans […]

Aziz Ansari’s Master of None Feels Authentic

source: Netflix Sitcoms suck. You may harbor nostalgia for some of a bygone era. You may fondly remember Family Ties or Friends or even Cheers. But, if you watch them now with an unbiased eye, you realize that they were helplessly contrived and not relatable. Perhaps no greater example exists than Two and a Half […]

Suspense and intrigue abound in The Man in the High Castle

Wow! We just binge watched, The Man in the High Castle. It’s fantastic. It might be the best show on television. But, guess what? You won’t find it on any channel—broadcast or cable.

Whether or not you’ve heard Rhiannon Giddens’ name, you should listen to her sing

Rhiannon Giddens has caught fire. She appeared in the all-star tribute concert: Another Day/Another Time: Celebrating the Music of Inside Llewyn Davis. It featured the Avett Brothers, Marcus Mumford and Jack White.

How could you cheer against these Royals? Hint: you can’t.

You might look at these Royals and mistake them for Goliath—the playground bullies, the clear frontrunners, the 1990s Yankees. No, no. The Royals aren’t Darth Vader. They aren’t even Donald Trump.

Go see Marcus Mumford play music live

Marcus Mumford is a genuine rockstar. He goes hard. Really hard. Perhaps too hard. He bellows at the top of his lungs. He surfs the crowd. And, the band plays and plays—damn near every song.

Devín Castle was the best approximately $4.50 that we could ever hope to spend

We enjoy Eastern Europe for many reasons. For one, they are far less concerned with rules and constraints. Why? Maybe they prefer a mellow, easygoing lifestyle. More likely, though, they have an underdeveloped tort system, so no one worries much about being sued. At moments, this approach proves problematic like when there’s a gaping hole […]

Mumford & Sons’ Wilder Mind, songs best to worst

Like the entire world, we enjoyed Mumford & Sons’ first two albums. Marcus Mumford’s work on Showtime’s Another Day, Another time: Celebrating The Music of Inside Llewyn Davis made us committed fans. And, the New Basement Tapes? Please and thank you. With great anticipation, we awaited the band’s third album, Wilder Mind.  But then, the […]

We have the best mom; yours is probably great too.

Mother’s Day arrives on Sunday. You ready? If not, get yourself straight, son! Without your mother, you’d be nothing—literally non-existent. She birthed you. She raised you. She fed you. She clothed you. She loved you despite all of those times that you were, frankly, unlovable. Know how rocking our mother is? She grew those gorgeous […]

Welcome to the Gentleman’s Spring Guide

Where we find ourselves today, the rain is pouring. The old man? First, we’re not old. Second, we aren’t snoring. An afternoon nap would be pleasant. Alas, this article beckons; it won’t write itself. Rain gets a bad rap, though. Remember what they say about April showers? Spring ranks as our favorite season. What’s not […]

Gentleman-in-Chief’s 12 Favorite SNL Sketches

In honor of Saturday Night Live’s 40th anniversary, we’d like to share our 12 Favorite SNL Sketches. Let us know if you agree or disagree or think we’ve overlooked other comic gold. 12. Girl You Wish You Hadn’t Started a Conversation With at a Party 11. The Festrunk Brothers 10. The Lawrence Welk Show 9. […]

G@H’s Best 40 Songs of 2014

As everyone prepares to greet 2015, we at G@H honor the year that was in music. We met some emerging talent. We reacquainted with some old friends. In no particular order, here are our favorite 40 songs of 2014:

The Kansas City Royals: A team of extraordinary gentlemen from a town of extraordinary people

We at G@H have caught Kansas City Royals fever. And, we’re not alone. Everyone loves the Royals. A recent ESPN SportsNation poll showed that 69% of people are rooting for Kansas City against San Francisco in the World Series. Only two states registered more fans backing the Giants: California (where San Fran is) and Nevada […]

They’re coming to America. Today!

It’s Independence Day. Don’t waste it reading silly blog posts. Instead, celebrate by rocking out to G@H’s five favorite patriotic songs. U-S-A! 5. Back in the U.S.A. by Chuck Berry 4. On the 4th of July by James Taylor > 3. Born in the U.S.A. by Bruce Springstein > 2. America the Beautiful by Ray […]

Budapest ain’t like the rest — of them European capitals.

We haven’t been everywhere in the world. But, we have collected a few stamps on the old passport. Budapest ranks high on G@H’s Favorite Cities list. Here’s why. 1. Buda Castle As children, we daydreamed about repelling invaders from a castle fortress. That vision became reality on a January day in Budapest. Buda Castle, a […]

Camp Denali in Alaska’s Denali National Park

Mountains calm us. We don’t ski much—too many friends with broken legs. We, though, are avid hikers. Nothing beats communing with the wilderness, stumbling upon a hidden pond, or summiting a peak. Nothing. Right now, we at G@H are daydreaming about summer. That means we’re plotting our next adventure. How about Alaska? How about Denali […]

Five New Year’s Resolutions Attainable by any Gentleman, Especially One as Distinguished as You

5. Drink Your Way from Sea to Shining Sea We understand your dilemma. You want to see the United States but cannot swing a three-week road trip from Charleston, South Carolina to Portland, Oregon. Here’s our solution. Drink it. Plot your course, then sample a craft beer from every state on the route. Not in […]

G@H’s Best 25 Songs of 2013

As everyone prepares to greet 2014, we at G@H honor the year that was in music. We met some emerging talent. We reacquainted with some old friends. In no particular order, here are our favorite 25 songs of 2013: (Disclaimer: Had we compiled this list in July, we surely would have included “Royals” by Lorde. […]

Gentleman-in-Chief’s Top Five Christmas Movies

5. Elf Will Ferrell is hilarious. Wearing yellow tights and a pointy hat makes him even funnier.  So, Elf began with an unfair advantage over other Christmas films. And, it delivered on its promise, spinning a heartwarming yearn about an orphan, who was raised by elves, venturing out in search of his human family. We […]

Don’t adjust your television: this field is that ugly.

In the holiday hubbub, you may have missed Saturday’s premiere football matchup. Jacksonville State played at Eastern Washington in the FCS Championship Semifinal. Eastern Washington prevailed, and next week Towson will travel to Roos Field in Cheney, Wash. If you tune in, don’t adjust your television: this field is that ugly.

Gentleman’s Gift Guide 2013

Need something exceptional for the gentleman in your life? We at G@H subscribe to the Spice Girls’ approach. We’ll tell you what we want—what we really, really want. Trust us; these recommendations will not disappoint. If he hates them, well, that’s his own damn problem. Actually, it’s your problem too because he’s your problem. To […]

Don’t Be a Deadbeat Son; Pay your “Dad Tax” this Sunday

Your refined looks and debonair wit did not materialize from nothing. Your athletic prowess and poise under pressure came from somewhere. You are a gentleman among boys, and half of those gentlemanly genes are paternal. Beyond biology, your father helped shape you. He taught you how to catch fish. He trained you on the charcoal […]

Run for Your Sanity with the Saucony Kinvara 3

Every gentleman needs an athletic outlet to combat the pressure of looming work deadlines, romantic relationships and visits from out-of-town family.  (Understandably, your parents want to crash at your place: it is the epicenter of style and sophistication in your city.)  Are you tense? Go to the gym. Or, hit the pavement. Whatever you do, […]

Mother Nature wants you to enjoy this day. Eat, drink and watch the NCAA tournament.

Snow falling in late March angers the people of the internet. They slander winter. They threaten Punxsutawney Phil. They bemoan a potentially ruined Easter. Relax. We at G@H recognize that you crave warmth. We do too. We yearn to open the windows and fire up the grill. Rather than give me the death penalty, let’s […]

Congregate and make merry. The Great Basketball Jubilee is upon us.

Over 60 countries observe International Men’s Day on November 19. The United States does not. Instead, the world’s lone superpower celebrates March Madness, specifically the tournament’s opening weekend. In those enchanted four days, the 64 best college teams play roughly 120 hours of ultimate stakes basketball. The tournament unfolds like a modern-day epic.  It has […]

Rocky Mountain National Park: A Continent Divided Stands Just Fine

We at G@H write about the home, but we spend amble time outside of it. We work. We socialize. We travel. For the modern adventurer, cosmopolitan America and the great cities of Europe offer much. Yet, when the call of the wild sounds, a gentleman answers. No fish should go unhooked or mountain unclimbed when […]

Gentleman-in-Chief’s Funniest Commercials Featuring Professional Athletes

6. Deion Sanders as Leon Sandcastle 5. Bob Uecker for Miller Lite 4. Payton Manning – Priceless 3. Bo Knows Everything 2. Jordan vs. Bird: First One to Miss 1. Terry Tate – Office Linebacker So, that is my list. Surely, I missed some, so make yourself heard.