Congregate and make merry. The Great Basketball Jubilee is upon us.

Posted on March 21, 2013

NCAA Baseball Tournament
Over 60 countries observe International Men’s Day on November 19. The United States does not. Instead, the world’s lone superpower celebrates March Madness, specifically the tournament’s opening weekend. In those enchanted four days, the 64 best college teams play roughly 120 hours of ultimate stakes basketball.

The tournament unfolds like a modern-day epic.  It has heroes and villains, triumph and tragedy.  Warriors battle on the hardwood for the honor of their institutions.  Underdogs vanquish Goliaths. Champions conquer all.

At the end of the fourth day, 16 teams have endured.  Yes, the tournament continues for another two weeks.  But, this first weekend ranks as the greatest four days in sport.  Who needs Men’s Day?  America has the Great Basketball Jubilee.  It is a festival for us, the gentlemen, but also for women, children, cats, dogs, and parakeets. Forget Republicans and Democrats, this is the big tent party.

So, congregate and make merry.  The Great Basketball Jubilee is upon us.

Owing to feats of technology, you may follow tournament action wherever you are.  Just log onto: