Sony WH1000XM2 Noise Cancelling Headphones

Count us as contented customers. We enjoy these Sony WH1000XM2 Noise Cancelling Headphones and would buy them again.

Binge-watching House of Cards with our New Luminoodle USB Bias Lighting

Is there anything more satisfying than binge-watching an entire season of one of your favorite television shows? It’s like completing a marathon but without all of the running. And without the training and the blisters and the waking up early. Unlike a marathon, you can sit on your sofa the entire time. We’re tardy here, […]

Buy This! MAXOAK 6-Port External Battery Power Bank

Of all the tech gadgets suggested here, this one might win the award for least sexy, but this MAXOAK 6-Port External Battery Power Bank is our favorite gadget that we’ve acquired this year.

Buy This! Anker 20W Premium Stereo Bluetooth Portable Speaker

If you are getting married soon, or just want a solid Bluetooth speaker, we gentlemanly recommend this Anker 20W Premium Stereo Bluetooth Portable Speaker. Thanks, Amanda and Kyle!

MOTA SmartRing

We don’t even have a SmartWatch, yet MOTA is releasing a SmartRing. Geez, technology, slow down! Let us catch up. I guess we’re already married to our iPhone; this just makes our union official. source:

The secret to medium-rare perfection: the Sous Vide Supreme

We quite enjoy Top Chef. It’s wholesome, fun reality television. We like the competition. The food intrigues us. Tom Colicchio is just the right amount of curmudgeon. And, boy, do the chefs employ some zany techniques. Recently, while catching up on a past season, we witnessed one chef prepare the most deliciously perfect steak. It […]

Our house is smarter than yours: Honeywell WiFi Smart Thermostat with Voice Control

We live in exciting times. Our houses have become smart. Lightbulbs. Outlets. Doorbells. Smoke detectors. All smart. Robots vacuum our homes, and we can unlock deadbolts with our phones. Welcome to the future. The innovation that we most enjoy is perhaps the WiFi thermostat. Until recently, thermostats have been boring: Lame City, USA. Now, they […]

These Panasonic In-Ear Headphones are worth more than eight dollars

Earbuds, man. We go through earbuds like paper towels. We lose them at an astonishing rate. So, we buy budget-friendly ones, and then they fail because, well, they’re cheap. We own about five pairs that work only in one ear. A first-world problem, yes. But, a problem nonetheless. We’ve tried many brands. If they’re (1) […]

Paint any stereo’s teeth blue

Oh the gadgets, we want all of the gadgets. But, is there anything more frustrating than the breakdown of one component of an otherwise viable piece of technology? In the office, we have an iPhone Speaker Dock. One day, the dock quit working. We tried unsuccessfully to fix it. It played FM radio, but please, […]

We’re spoiled. We have a Keurig K75 Platinum.

We used to have a fine, ordinary coffeemaker. It was a 12 cup. It was programmable. It even looked nice—brushed metal. But, we only used it on weekends. Mornings before work, the process just seemed like a hassle. Cleaning the filter. Grinding the beans. Waiting for it to brew. Yes, we’re soft, especially in the […]

The Wren Sound V5 with AirPlay

We fancy ourselves renaissance gentlemen. Our interests vary. They span the spectrum from gardening to gadgets, baking to basketball. But, as intellectually diverse as we may (or may not) be, we tend to obsess.  At any given time, we’re fascinated by something. Right now, it’s sound. Wireless speakers exist in a crowded market. Lots of […]

Kwikset Kevo: Keys? Where we’re going we don’t need keys

Welcome to the future. Progress marches. Innovation blossoms. Bold people search for ingenious solutions to everyday problems. Our thermostats learn. Robots vacuum our homes. And, now, we don’t even need keys because we can open the door with our iPhone. The Kwikset Kevo is a deadbolt. It comes with regular keys and can be unlocked […]

We updated. The iPhone 5s is awesome.

When your cell phone starts randomly dialing people, it’s time to upgrade. Otherwise, you submit yourself to an awkward, possibly ruinous, game of calling roulette. How many exes can your pocket ring up in one afternoon? Some questions are best left unanswered. Facing this crisis, we averted disaster by upgrading to the iPhone 5s. It’s […]

If you only ever buy one thing for your kitchen, get a KitchenAid Stand Mixer because it’s the most awesome

Attention, gentlemen. Your mother, bless her, owned a KitchenAid Stand Mixer. She used it for cookies and cupcakes. You don’t bake cookies or cupcakes, so you might see no need to make the investment. Don’t be daft. A KitchenAid Stand Mixer is the fundamental kitchen appliance.  It does what you’d expect: mixes, stirs, beats, and […]

Eat healthier easier with the Zojirushi Micom’s “fuzzy logic”

Perhaps you saw cheap rice cookers in the Black Friday adverts. Perhaps you cannot fathom how one rice cooker could cost tenfold that of another rice cooker. Perhaps you should check yourself before you wreck yourself. Value depends on a diversity of factors only one of which is price. For example, if you pay $125 […]

iPhone Alarm Dock by Jonas Damon

This is a block of wood that you slide your iPhone into at night while you sleep. It looks like an alarm clock. But, it isn’t. It doesn’t have a radio or a snooze button. It doesn’t even have speakers. Again, it is a block of wood, and it is awesome. You can buy it […]

Char-Broil Grill2Go x200

Tailgating is the sport of champions. Well, it’s the sport of people who enjoy eating and drinking and watching others engage in athletic endeavors. Regardless, any worthwhile tailgate needs a grill. And, while we enjoy the taste that charcoal provides, we’d rather not risk our cars combusting midgame. So, allow us to suggest the Grill2Go […]

Singing Machine Bluetooth Karaoke Machine

We don’t like karaoke.  Actually, we don’t care for bar karaoke. We enjoy it when we’re well lubricated, surrounded exclusively by friends, and in the safety of our own basement. So, we do like this Singing Machine Bluetooth Karaoke Machine for the iPad.  Might we suggest “Brandy” by Looking Glass—what a fine song that would […]

Zojirushi Home Bakery Virtuoso: the Rolls Royce of Bread Makers

A bread maker, though not essential, is a handy appliance for the modern bachelor. Carb count all you want.  Follow Dr. Atkins over a cliff. We at G@H love bread and refuse to live without it. Accordingly, we own a bread maker. We own the Zojirushi Home Bakery Virtuoso, the best damn bread machine that […]

The Want List: R7 High Fidelity Radiogram

A gentleman can dream.  Here’s what is currently captivating us at G@H. Fifty years ago, stereos were large and heavy, so manufacturers designed consoles to house them. Styled right, these consoles served as prized furniture. Innovation, however, shrank electronics. Semiconductors replaced vacuum tubes. And, the once revered stereo console, well, it vanished. Good ideas never […]

Workplace coffee need not be terrible with the Keurig K10 MINI Plus

We at G@H frown upon snobbery in most situations. Cheap wine may stain our teeth but does not offend our palates. An ice-cold Hamm’s goes down easy in the heat of summer. At the ballpark, we would choose a foot-long hotdog swimming in chili cheese over fresh Maine lobster. When it comes to coffee, though, […]

The Want List: Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Every gentleman needs a hobby, though we at G@H have accumulated a few leisurely pursuits too many. We play fantasy football and beer-league softball. We grow vegetables. We run. We cook. We travel. We sample new bands and exotic liquors. We hike. We pickle things. We are jacks of many trades, masters of, well, maybe, […]

Together we shall live in digital infamy

We at G@H want to take a minute to discuss endangered species.  The Black Rhino. The Tree Kangaroo.  The Giant Panda.  Home video captured on a VHS tape.  These videos contain all of the triumphs and blunders that shaped our youth from our first steps to the junior high talent show where we showcased our […]

The Twenty-First Century Light Switch

A British inventor created the light switch in 1884. Since then, technological innovation has exploded (sometimes literally). Mankind invented the television, the airplane, the laser and the computer. We went to the moon and cured polio. Yet, the light switch remains virtually the same. If you live in North America, up is on, down is […]

The Want List: McIntosh MAC6700 Receiver

A gentleman can dream.  Here’s what is currently captivating us at G@H. McIntosh’s first receiver since 1993 is a beauty.  With a 200 Watts-Per-Channel amplifier, we would love to hook a turntable or iPod into this monster and blast the photos off the wall.  It surely would register on the Richter scale.  For more information, […]