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Buy This! Anker 20W Premium Stereo Bluetooth Portable Speaker

If you are getting married soon, or just want a solid Bluetooth speaker, we gentlemanly recommend this Anker 20W Premium Stereo Bluetooth Portable Speaker. Thanks, Amanda and Kyle!

Rosle Kitchen Torch

Cost: $50.30 Attention! This ain’t no toy. It’s a lean, mean, flame-throwing machine. Of course, while not a toy, we still have a lot of fun with ours. All that glorious butane makes us feel powerful. And, the many ways we use our kitchen torch make us feel like the culinary avant-garde. Once upon a […]

KitchenAid Stand Mixer

Cost: $179.99 A KitchenAid Stand Mixer is the fundamental kitchen appliance. Every gentlemen could use one whether he realizes it or not. It does what one would expect: mixes, stirs, beats, and kneads. But, what distinguishes it is how it does what it does. This machine is a draft horse. It’s sturdy, brawny, and industrious. […]

It’s our pegboard organizational apparatus–you know, for cookware

As far as projects go, this pegboard organizational apparatus was both cheap and easy. We bought the pegboard at Home Depot. We got the mounts and hooks on Amazon. Everything cost about $40 total. Not shabby.

Waring Pro WT200 Professional 2-Slice Toaster

Count us as recovered skeptics, but every gentleman – save for the gluten allergic – should own a toaster.  Admittedly, the conventional toaster is a one-trick pony.   It only toasts toast (or bagels or Pop-Tarts or English muffins).  But, as an NFL long snapper can tell you, one trick sometimes suffices. Have you tried toasting […]

Can that be pickled?

Fred Armisen says “yes.”  We at G@H concur.