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Audio Technica Fully Automatic Stereo Turntable System

Cost: $103.77 Everything comes full circle, they say. That certainly rings true with records because (a) they spin around; and (b) despite the technology being replaced four decades ago by the cassette tape, records have returned. Among our generation, records are all the rage. Why? Audiophiles will tell you that records deliver a richer, deeper […]

The Want List: Symbol Stereo Console

We bought a few Powerball tickets this week. Much like fame, though, fortune escaped us. If we had won that jackpot, who knows what we’d do. We might have bought this Symbol Stereo Console because it looks incredible. source:

Paint any stereo’s teeth blue

Oh the gadgets, we want all of the gadgets. But, is there anything more frustrating than the breakdown of one component of an otherwise viable piece of technology? In the office, we have an iPhone Speaker Dock. One day, the dock quit working. We tried unsuccessfully to fix it. It played FM radio, but please, […]

The Wren Sound V5 with AirPlay

We fancy ourselves renaissance gentlemen. Our interests vary. They span the spectrum from gardening to gadgets, baking to basketball. But, as intellectually diverse as we may (or may not) be, we tend to obsess.  At any given time, we’re fascinated by something. Right now, it’s sound. Wireless speakers exist in a crowded market. Lots of […]

The Want List: McIntosh MAC6700 Receiver

A gentleman can dream.  Here’s what is currently captivating us at G@H. McIntosh’s first receiver since 1993 is a beauty.  With a 200 Watts-Per-Channel amplifier, we would love to hook a turntable or iPod into this monster and blast the photos off the wall.  It surely would register on the Richter scale.  For more information, […]