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It’s all about the sear, about the sear

We cooked this beef filet sous vide and served it with sautéed mushrooms and roasted asparagus. It blew our minds. It was mind blowing.

Sous Vide Supreme

Small kitchen appliances bring us great joy. Recently, we got a Sous Vide Supreme and find ourselves using it more than anything else but the coffee maker. The Sous Vide Supreme empowers us amateur chefs to cook meat precisely. We’ve made tender salmon and juicy chicken breast. We’ve prepared melt-in-your-mouth scallops. And, we cooked a […]

The secret to medium-rare perfection: the Sous Vide Supreme

We quite enjoy Top Chef. It’s wholesome, fun reality television. We like the competition. The food intrigues us. Tom Colicchio is just the right amount of curmudgeon. And, boy, do the chefs employ some zany techniques. Recently, while catching up on a past season, we witnessed one chef prepare the most deliciously perfect steak. It […]

Steak and eggs done right (but not well done)

At G@H, we try biting off an amount proportionate to what we can chew. That’s why we only learn one new dish at a time. Currently, it’s steak au poivre. French. Pretty fancy, we know. Expect a recipe and photos shortly. In the meantime, here’s our suggestion for not wasting that leftover steak from last […]