For our birthday, we crafted our go-to cocktail, a Horsefeather.

A Horsefeather cocktail is refreshing but not sweet, boozy but not overpowering. And, the ginger beer provides a entertaining bit of spice.

Drink a Dewdropper cocktail because it’s too nice outside to do anything else

We concocted a drink recipe containing whiskey, ginger beer, lime juice, agave nectar, bitters and a splash of grenadine. Drink it outside.

We went on spring break, invented a cocktail, and named it a Palm Springs Whiskey Sour

We visit Palm Springs every March. With all the fresh grapefruit just a pluck away, we’d be fools not to make whiskey cocktails with them. We call this one a Palms Springs Whiskey Sour.

“But First Coffee” Cocktail

Question: Will drinking espresso liqueur at night keep you awake into the wee hours? Answer: We don’t know, but this cocktail tastes so delicious that you won’t much care. Call it cabin fever. Call it inspiration. We’ve been on a “stocking the bar” kick. That means trying different whiskeys and tequilas, but every trip to […]

A Chiefs Mule Because It’s Playoff Week

In 1960, Lamar Hunt spearheaded the founding of the American Football League as a rival to the National Football League. He created the Dallas Texans franchise. Three years later, Hunt relocated the Texans to Missouri where they became the Kansas City Chiefs. (Yes, Kansas City is in Missouri.) For that first year in Kansas City, […]

Ancho Reyes warms the belly and the soul

Ancho Reyes, an ancho chile liqueur, has a piquant kick that lingers on the tongue. The spice does not overwhelm but melds with flavor of caramelized sugar.

Bitter Lemon Runner: A Summer Cocktail

This Bitter Lemon Runner is gloriously tart, light and refreshing. It includes rum, homemade bitter lemonade, Grand Marnier, and grenadine.

We lit our Olympic torch with cheese and summer wine

Last night, the Summer Olympic Games kicked off epically. The opening ceremony had fireworks and old guys strumming guitars and Gisele and a compelling message about climate change. The night was an event worth celebrating—and, believe us, we at G@H are always hunting for such an occasion. We invited friends over. We made a cheese […]

We call this whiskey cocktail the Cucumber Mint Mash

It’s August. Our garden is teeming with fresh produce. You know what we always say: if you can’t eat ‘em, drink ‘em. Okay. We’ve never said that. We, though, have done it. We did it last night. We got feisty and went experimenting again. We call this whiskey cocktail the “Cucumber Mint Mash.” With fresh […]

Ginger Beer + Reposado Tequila = Jalisco Mule

A tequila cocktail makes the perfect companion on a hot July evening. This Jalisco Mule has lime juice, blue agave, bitters and cucumber.

Make yourself a carafe of summer with this Paloma Cocktail

Made from grapefruit juice, a Paloma is utterly refreshing. It feels tropical but doesn’t overwhelm with sweetness.

Saison Brett 2016: Yes, we overbought, but it’s our favorite beer.

Around this time each year, we have to confess that we came home with a trunkful of Saison Brett from Boulevard Brewing Company.

“Early June” Cocktail with Ripe Strawberries, Fresh Mint, and—of course—Whiskey

Being June, and having a garden brimming with early arrivals, we decided to incorporate ripe strawberries and fresh mint into our Friday night cocktail. The result? Great success! We’ve dubbed it “Early June.”

We’re sipping a Maple Ginger Derby and binge watching House of Cards

We concocted a magnificent drink that delighted our palate and helped us fall asleep at a reasonable hour. We dubbed it a Maple Ginger Derby.

We made a scofflaw. It’s a cocktail.

Scofflaw Cocktail- The word “scofflaw” refers to people who flout the law, particularly those drinking illegally during the Prohibition-era.

Imperial Stout X – Coconut from Boulevard Brewing Company

We love the Smokestack Series from Boulevard Brewing Company, especially the limited releases. They are delicious beers. More than that, they are experimental and distinctive and, sometimes, whimsical. The fine folks at Boulevard seem to have a good time conceptualizing and executing these brews. We enjoy drinking them. Their latest concoction, Imperial Stout X – […]

Boulevard’s Chocolate Ale with Raspberry

Sometimes, we get excited, and we overbuy. This happens a lot with beer, especially the Smokestack Series from Boulevard Brewing Company. The phrase “limited release” sends us into a frenzy. We madly snatch up all that we can. This happened yesterday. We went to Costco. We saw a pallet of the Chocolate Ale with Raspberry. […]

The Hopleaf Bar is Brussels in Chicago

We studied abroad in London in 2003. From United Kingdom, we made many weekend getaways to other Western European countries. We took our first such trip to Brussels, Belgium. Honestly, we didn’t expect much. We had a free weekend and said, “Hey, Brussels is close.” And, it was close; it was also awesome. Travel is […]

Wine pairs well with Thanksgiving

We sit mere days away from Thanksgiving. It ranks as our favorite holiday. Well, probably. We say probably because in the summer, we herald the Fourth of July as our favorite but in the winter, we declare it to be Thanksgiving. Whatever. Each is a great American celebration. You’d be unpatriotic if you made us […]

Although the calendar has turned, you can still enjoy a Oktoberfest Märzen Lager

Oktoberfest Märzen Lager from Left Hand Brewing Company is an amber-colored brew with hints of caramel and malt. If you find it, buy it, and drink it. It’s delicious.

This autumn, try a beer that tastes a bit like pumpkins

We suggest drinking a pumpkin beer. Never enjoyed this seasonal phenomenon? Let us provide a primer. Pumpkin beer resembles ordinary beer. But, unlike ordinary beer, it tastes a bit like pumpkins.

A visitor from the land of Colorado brought us Colette from Great Divide Brewing Company

Colette from Great Divide Brewing Company tastes like summer, which—not surprisingly—tastes delightful. And, it pairs well with almost any food.

We’re enjoying Jefferson’s because we’re patriots—patriots who like bourbon

You love America, right? We suspected so. You admire the Founding Fathers? Of course. But do you really understand the Founding Fathers—you know—as people? For example, were you aware that John Adams had a dog named “Satan”? Or that Ben Franklin took air baths by hanging out naked? Or that Thomas Jefferson was the preeminent […]

Go west, young man, go west

Change permeates life. That’s mostly good. Humans must evolve. We need to test our limits and refresh our surroundings. The world will never be conquered by the sedentary and complacent. So, we welcome change, but it can be bittersweet. Next week, a close friend packs up his newly purchased Jeep and departs for the Rocky […]

Corks are for popping

We ordinarily don’t drop fat cash on wine. But for champagne, we splurge. Why? Because when we drink champagne, we are celebrating. And, we at G@H get serious about celebration. If it’s worth toasting, it’s worth a little luxury. Don’t get it twisted: we’re not ordering bottles of Dom Perignon. First, it’s not that great. […]

Iowa makes tasty cow-themed coffee

We always welcome houseguests bearing gifts. We recently hosted family from Iowa. They left a bag of Cow Tipper from Verena Street Coffee Co. in Dubuque, Iowa. It’s really good. It tastes, well, exactly how it says it tastes: “a rich and creamy blend of vanilla, caramel and coffee liqueur flavoring.” Good news! They ship–$5 […]

Saison Brett is like the Easter Bunny

Let’s celebrate! This week brings the release of our hands-down favorite beer. It’s Saison Brett from Boulevard Brewing Company. And, it’s the definition of delicious. We hold the genre of farmhouse ale in high esteem. We enjoy Ommegang’s Hennepin and Goose Island’s Sofia. Boulevard also makes Tank 7, which itself deserves acclaim. But, each spring, […]

Special occasion? Wine is synonymous with celebration.

With age comes wisdom. Only recently have we understood the value and versatility of wine. We already knew that we enjoyed drinking it. We knew that certain types paired well with certain foods. Now, though, we recognize the true magic of wine; it’s synonymous with celebration. Occasions define our lives. People receive degrees. People move […]

Drink like a Belgian farmer

We don’t know a lot about the lifestyle of 19th century farmers in Belgium. We imagine it was difficult without electricity or tractors or refrigeration. They had to be rugged. They had to be resilient. Survival demands much less of us than it did them. For all of their struggle, though, we know those Belgian […]

You’ll find us on the patio drinking a Southern Pecan Nut Brown Ale

Where we reside, spring has sprung. We survived a frigid January and February. But now, not a minute too soon, warm weather has descended upon us. We yearn to be outside. We want to bathe in sunshine, inhale fresh air and drink bottles of craft beer on our patio. If you’ve never sampled a Southern […]

Be a better a son by buying your father Scotch whiskey

We at G@H pride ourselves on being excellent sons to our fathers. Well, okay, not the best. We did crash the family car that one time. And, we did lose his favorite cooler. And, who knew that you can’t microwave a fork? Or let it go down the garbage disposal? But we’ve got to rank […]

Rieger’s Kansas City Whiskey tastes brilliant in coffee or by itself

Allow us to issue with a brief disclaimer. You shouldn’t start every morning with whiskey in your coffee. It’s just not responsible. Some mornings, though, it’s perfect. Weekends, for example. And when it’s really, really cold outside. Awaking to a frigid Saturday, we recently indulged. We uncorked a bottle of Rieger’s Kansas City Whiskey that […]

This isn’t a gimmick. It’s Chocolate Ale from Boulevard Brewing Company.

People in Kansas City have a favorite hobby: singing the virtues of Boulevard Brewing Company. They can’t help but tell you—repeatedly and without end—how wonderful Boulevard is. And, despite their tunnel vision, they stand on solid footing. We really enjoy Boulevard’s once-a-year releases. They’re tasty, innovative, and fun. Be warned, they can be elusive. These […]

Enjoy an ice cream float that is deliciously festive and boozy

Eggnog season is quickly waning. Before the magical stuff disappears, though, let us lend you some sage advice. Transform it into ice cream. Deposit a scoop or two in a glass of stout beer. And, enjoy a deliciously festive beer float. Like custard, the base of eggnog comes from yolk. So, it makes a rich, […]

You bet you’ll find Blanton’s in our home bourbon bar

We’re not into selfies. It’s not our thing. We don’t get SnapChat. But, we do like to trade a certain genre of texts with our buddies. We call them “bourbon pics.” You know. “Check out what I uncorked!” “A great pour!” “It tastes like butterscotch!” “I can’t feel my feet!” All exclamation points all the […]

Leinenkugel Cranberry Ginger Shandy: Thanksgiving-flavored beer

Surprises! Aren’t surprises the best? Pleasant surprises, at least. Last Saturday, we were at a local drinking hole cheering on our alma mater’s football team. (They won.) Glancing down at the table, we spied an ad for Leinenkugel’s Cranberry Ginger Shandy. What? Thanksgiving-flavored beer! Yes, please.

Date someone who enjoys good whiskey

According to the eHarmony guy, romantic compatibility comes down to science. He could be right. Nevertheless, we’d rather not hand over $59.99 per month to that guy and his wacky algorithms. Instead, we subscribe to a more straightforward philosophy: date someone who enjoys good whiskey. We look for many traits in a potential mate. Never […]

Run to the Wisconsin border and load up on New Glarus beer

We at G@H have a friend from the North Woods of Wisconsin. His name is Arnie. He refuses to leave. For a time, his stalwartness confused us. Then, we visited. We tasted the beer. We have returned many times. We live in a golden age of drinking. When a good beer comes along, it’s discovered […]

Celebrate autumn with these pumpkin beers

Do you love autumn? We do. Football, fire pits, pumpkin beer. Pumpkin Beer. PUMPKIN BEER. If we sat on death row and had to request a last meal, we’d have really think about the entrée but not the drink. We’d have a pumpkin beer. Okay, that’s a lie. We’d have a single malt scotch. But, […]

Fruit whiskey. Why not?

Life is all about taking chances. On Sunday, we undertook a new experiment–infusing bourbon with strawberries fresh from our backyard garden. We will report the results in three to four weeks. YOLO.

Hibiscus Gose from Boulevard Brewing Co.

Okay. That’s new and different. A unique tang. Grapefruity but not exactly. Salty. 4.2 ABV. For more information, click here: Hibiscus Gose.

Oskar Blues Old Chub Scotch Ale

Distribution of @oskarblues is spreading starting this week. Setting the bar high by with an old chub. — Gentleman at Home (@GentlemanatHome) March 15, 2014

G@H Goose Island Beer Co. Lolita

Goose Island Beer Co. Lolita

Hard to find @GooseIsland Raspberry sour. Nice punch, distinct flavor from wine barrels. 2013 edition, ages 5yrs — Gentleman at Home (@GentlemanatHome) March 13, 2014

Avocado Sunrise: A Green Smoothie Masterpiece

Remember how we setup one G@H editor with a green smoothie challenge? He was charged with drinking them for breakfast all February. Green smoothies, well, they’ve changed his world—maybe not revolutionized it, but improved it nonetheless. He has more energy. He drinks less coffee. He feels healthier, rejuvenated. He’s lost seven pounds in three weeks. […]

MILF by Mother’s Brewing Company

MILF by @MothersBrewing. Fantastic imperial stout. 11% ABV. Aged in 5 different barrels then blended. — Gentleman at Home (@GentlemanatHome) February 1, 2014

Conflux No. 1 Collage from Deschutes Brewery and Hair of The Dog Brewing Company

Another excellent #barrelaged #strongale pulled from the cellar. Conflux No. 1 Collage from @DeschutesBeer — Gentleman at Home (@GentlemanatHome) January 28, 2014

Carbonate your life with fizzy water

We at G@H sometimes drink our calories. When we do, we opt for craft beer, not sugary drinks. Oh, we most definitely like soda pop. We just prefer ours calorie-free. Because, you know, it’s healthier, maybe. Every afternoon, the craving hits: we need our fizzy drink fix. We’ve experimented with alternatives. We’ve tried flavored drink […]

Imperial Stout from Boulevard Brewing Company

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, all the creatures were drinking … @Boulevard_Beer — Gentleman at Home (@GentlemanatHome) December 25, 2013

Pop-Up Session I.P.A.

Pop-Up Session IPA by Boulevard Brewing Company

You like @Boulevard_Beer Single-Wide + Double-Wide IPAs. Show this heat you ain’t affraid with a Pop-Up Session IPA. — Gentleman at Home (@GentlemanatHome) August 27, 2013

The Gentleman’s Mint Iced Tea

For non-alcoholic beverages, nothing beats a tall glass of ice tea. It is the distinguished drink of gentlemen. Arnold Palmer enjoys it mixed with lemonade. We at G@H flavor ours with homegrown mint. Here’s our recipe. Ingredients 5 tea bags (black or green) 4 cups of bowling water 1/3 cups of loosely packed mint leaves […]