A visitor from the land of Colorado brought us Colette from Great Divide Brewing Company

Posted on September 12, 2015

Colette from Great Divide Brewing Company

If you follow G@H, and you damn sure better follow G@H, you know that we’re suckers for a farmhouse ale. Agrarian Belgians brewed it to serve farmhands thirsty after long, hard days spent cultivating whatever crops they grow in Belgium. Sugar beets? Cauliflower? Brussels sprouts? Surely, Brussels sprouts.

Forget Coors or Bud Heavy. Farmhouse ale is the quintessential working person’s beer. History aside, we drink this variety because it is delicious—full, malty, zesty, refreshing. We love Boulevard Beer’s Tank 7 and Goose Island’s Sofie. Add to that list Colette from Great Divide Brewing Company. It tastes like summer, which—not surprisingly—tastes delightful. And, it pairs well with almost any food.

Thanks, Joe. We’ll return the favor.

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