You bet you’ll find Blanton’s in our home bourbon bar

Posted on December 4, 2014

Blanton's Bourbon

We’re not into selfies. It’s not our thing. We don’t get SnapChat. But, we do like to trade a certain genre of texts with our buddies. We call them “bourbon pics.” You know. “Check out what I uncorked!” “A great pour!” “It tastes like butterscotch!” “I can’t feel my feet!” All exclamation points all the time.

Recently, our good friend Ben sent us a shot of the most gorgeous bottle. It had a lovely globe shape. Handwriting on its slender, beige label noted the whisky’s dump date, its barrel number and even the alcohol proof. And, the cork. Mounted atop the cork was a jockey on horseback.

“Nice, but can she dance?” we questioned.

“My favorite bourbon. Hands down,” he responded

Ben knows whisky. Ask his wallet: he really knows good bourbon. So, when he recommended Blanton’s, we had to secure some for our own sampling.

It’s delicious. It delivers a delicate flavor that allows you to discriminate amongst a collection of tastes, including char, vanilla, rye and caramel. Yet, it’s still bold enough to pack that kick reminding you that you’re drinking whiskey and that you’re tough because people who drink whiskey are tough.

Consider us convinced, Ben. From now forward, you’ll find Blanton’s in our home bar. Well, you might not find it there. When you come by, we may have to hide it.

BTW, since discovering Blanton’s, we see it everywhere. It’s like Where’s Waldo. See if you can spot Blanton’s at your favorite bar.

G@H: Blanton's Bourbon

We at G@H thank Buffalo Trace Distillery for providing a sample of Blanton’s Bourbon.

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