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For our birthday, we crafted our go-to cocktail, a Horsefeather.

A Horsefeather cocktail is refreshing but not sweet, boozy but not overpowering. And, the ginger beer provides a entertaining bit of spice.

Drink a Dewdropper cocktail because it’s too nice outside to do anything else

We concocted a drink recipe containing whiskey, ginger beer, lime juice, agave nectar, bitters and a splash of grenadine. Drink it outside.

Big Boy Sarsaparilla with Crown Royal Vanilla and Root Liqueur

Vanilla whiskey and root liqueur without anything else produces a spectacular sip. We added flavors of orange, brown sugar and bitters.

“But First Coffee” Cocktail

Question: Will drinking espresso liqueur at night keep you awake into the wee hours? Answer: We don’t know, but this cocktail tastes so delicious that you won’t much care. Call it cabin fever. Call it inspiration. We’ve been on a “stocking the bar” kick. That means trying different whiskeys and tequilas, but every trip to […]

A Chiefs Mule Because It’s Playoff Week

In 1960, Lamar Hunt spearheaded the founding of the American Football League as a rival to the National Football League. He created the Dallas Texans franchise. Three years later, Hunt relocated the Texans to Missouri where they became the Kansas City Chiefs. (Yes, Kansas City is in Missouri.) For that first year in Kansas City, […]

“Early June” Cocktail with Ripe Strawberries, Fresh Mint, and—of course—Whiskey

Being June, and having a garden brimming with early arrivals, we decided to incorporate ripe strawberries and fresh mint into our Friday night cocktail. The result? Great success! We’ve dubbed it “Early June.”

We’re sipping a Maple Ginger Derby and binge watching House of Cards

We concocted a magnificent drink that delighted our palate and helped us fall asleep at a reasonable hour. We dubbed it a Maple Ginger Derby.

We made a scofflaw. It’s a cocktail.

Scofflaw Cocktail- The word “scofflaw” refers to people who flout the law, particularly those drinking illegally during the Prohibition-era.

Spirits from 3 Badge Mixology

As children, we collected baseball cards. That was a fun, little hobby. We still have albums of them stashed in the basement. Who knows? Maybe, we’re sitting on a goldmine. That Ken Griffey Jr. rookie card might be worth a fortune. Probably not, though. As adults, we found a far superior hobby. Oh, we still […]

We’re enjoying Jefferson’s because we’re patriots—patriots who like bourbon

You love America, right? We suspected so. You admire the Founding Fathers? Of course. But do you really understand the Founding Fathers—you know—as people? For example, were you aware that John Adams had a dog named “Satan”? Or that Ben Franklin took air baths by hanging out naked? Or that Thomas Jefferson was the preeminent […]

Go west, young man, go west

Change permeates life. That’s mostly good. Humans must evolve. We need to test our limits and refresh our surroundings. The world will never be conquered by the sedentary and complacent. So, we welcome change, but it can be bittersweet. Next week, a close friend packs up his newly purchased Jeep and departs for the Rocky […]

Be a better a son by buying your father Scotch whiskey

We at G@H pride ourselves on being excellent sons to our fathers. Well, okay, not the best. We did crash the family car that one time. And, we did lose his favorite cooler. And, who knew that you can’t microwave a fork? Or let it go down the garbage disposal? But we’ve got to rank […]

Rieger’s Kansas City Whiskey tastes brilliant in coffee or by itself

Allow us to issue with a brief disclaimer. You shouldn’t start every morning with whiskey in your coffee. It’s just not responsible. Some mornings, though, it’s perfect. Weekends, for example. And when it’s really, really cold outside. Awaking to a frigid Saturday, we recently indulged. We uncorked a bottle of Rieger’s Kansas City Whiskey that […]

You bet you’ll find Blanton’s in our home bourbon bar

We’re not into selfies. It’s not our thing. We don’t get SnapChat. But, we do like to trade a certain genre of texts with our buddies. We call them “bourbon pics.” You know. “Check out what I uncorked!” “A great pour!” “It tastes like butterscotch!” “I can’t feel my feet!” All exclamation points all the […]

Date someone who enjoys good whiskey

According to the eHarmony guy, romantic compatibility comes down to science. He could be right. Nevertheless, we’d rather not hand over $59.99 per month to that guy and his wacky algorithms. Instead, we subscribe to a more straightforward philosophy: date someone who enjoys good whiskey. We look for many traits in a potential mate. Never […]

Fruit whiskey. Why not?

Life is all about taking chances. On Sunday, we undertook a new experiment–infusing bourbon with strawberries fresh from our backyard garden. We will report the results in three to four weeks. YOLO.