Boulevard’s Chocolate Ale with Raspberry

Posted on January 15, 2016

Boulevard’s Chocolate Ale with Raspberry

Sometimes, we get excited, and we overbuy. This happens a lot with beer, especially the Smokestack Series from Boulevard Brewing Company. The phrase “limited release” sends us into a frenzy. We madly snatch up all that we can.

This happened yesterday. We went to Costco. We saw a pallet of the Chocolate Ale with Raspberry. Normally, Costco restricts the number of these bottles that one can buy. Not this year. So, we bought a case—an entire case of Chocolate Ale with Raspberry. What are we going to do with all this beer? Drink it, of course. And, invite others to drink it with us. And, give some as gifts. We sense an oncoming surge in our popularity.

Boulevard’s Chocolate Ale with Raspberry

If you don’t know about Boulevard’s Chocolate Ale, it’s an annual sensation around the Great Plains. People go wild for it. In past years, they literally followed around delivery trucks. It sold for high margins on eBay. The surrounding chaos can be too much, but this year, Boulevard made a larger batch. Hence, Costco constrains us no more.

For 2016, the brewers added raspberry. Traditionally, Boulevard’s Chocolate Ale offered a distinctive cocoa flavor that was more tart and acidic than sweet. The raspberry, though, alters the experience. We still get the tart and some cocoa, but the fruit stands tall. You might say that it’s fruit forward. Drinking it, we were flooded with the memory of the first time we drank a Lindemans Framboise in a tiny bar in Brussels, Belgium. Nostalgia is pleasant. So is Boulevard’s Chocolate Ale with Raspberry. If you find some, buy some, and enjoy it.

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