Early Color: Our Favorite Spring Blooming Perennials

From the depths of the soil have emerged the most dependable of dependables: the perennial plants. Here’s a list of our favorite spring blooming perennials.

Our garden’s secret: the soaker hose

We’re mid-summer. The unrelenting sun beats down all day. The humidity could suffocate a cat. Your thirsty plants crave the sun’s energy but are wilting amid the swelter. You need to water them, but you don’t want to stand around with the hose and sweat your tomatoes off. Let a soaker hose do the work. […]

Behold the splendor of the Liberty Garden Model 1200

What is beauty? That may seem like an overly subjective even unanswerable question. We, however, aren’t playing philosopher. We aren’t venturing into the abstract. If you own a home, the question is not a hard one to answer. Homeowners understand beauty, and beauty is whatever makes a hard job easier, cleaner and quicker. By that […]

Gardening. It’s not just for vegetables anymore.

We’ve honed enviable gardening skills over the past few summers. Our tomato plants stretch to the sky. Our strawberry plants could feed a brigade. We pickle banana peppers and cucumbers. Herbs? We grow more than you’ve got names for. Until this summer, though, we wasted not a thought on flowers. We subscribed to the moto: […]

GreenWorks G-MAX Mower

Our Mowing has gone the way of our lawn: Green

Combustion engines are for suckers. We reached that conclusion after hours of toiling with our gas-powered lawn mower. Listen, we tried everything. We refreshed the fuel. We replaced the gaskets. We cleaned the carburetor and fuel line. We prayed. What reward did we reap? Sputter, sputter, Sputter. Clunk. Meanwhile, our blood pressure rose, and our […]

Hoist Your Flag; Establish Your Dominion

A gentleman reigns as king of his castle, defender of his domain.  Since civilization’s birth, what does any proper citadel need?  A flag.  Flags mark territory.  They declare sovereignty or affiliation.  Through symbols, shapes and colors, a flag tells a story to outsiders about the land and its people.   To insiders, a flag emphasizes unifying […]

Can you smell that? It’s spring. Finally.

Spring began officially on March 20. For us, though, Easter marks the start of our favorite season. Chirping birds. Sprouting Plants. No more snow. Here are four reasons why we love spring. 4. Baseball People complain that baseball moves slowly. They don’t get it. Football is our favorite sport, and we hang on every play. […]

From our fingertips springs forth life: the Burpee Ultimate Growing System

We at G@H love gadgets but not gimmicks. We think ourselves above being snookered by shiny and new. So, we approached the Burpee Ultimate Growing System with skepticism. It costs $20. Other 72 cell seed starters cost less than $5. Red flag! Barpee claims its product, unlike others, is self-watering. You fill the bottom tray […]

Anyone dreaming of a white New Year’s Day?

Anyone dreaming of a white New Year's Day? Probably not. — Gentleman at Home (@GentlemanatHome) January 2, 2014

You got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em

If you, like us at G@H, reside in a temperate climate, the cold has come. Many areas are experiencing or expecting a mix of wintery wetness. We held out as long as we could. An army of bed sheets nobly guarded our vegetable garden against a few hard freezes. But, as Kenny Rogers sang, You […]

Cherry tomatoes are like little time bombs

Cut the green wire before they explode.

Scatter ye grass seed while ye may

Last weekend, snow fell in many regions of the United States. Spring, though, has now sprung. The birds are chirping. The trees are budding. And, not a day too soon, the baseball bats are swinging. All winter you clamored for spring, but are you really ready? Is your lawn? If you overseeded in the autumn, […]

Tame the tundra of your driveway

You may have hung up your cleats after high school.  But, cleats aren’t just for team sports.  They can also help a gentleman, mid-blizzard, retrieve his mail, collect firewood or shovel his driveway.  These 32 North® STABILicers™ Ice Cleats will not win you any fashion accolades. They, however, might save your life or, at least, […]