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This Moroccan Rotisserie Chicken tickled our palates with delight

Today, we created a Moroccan paste for this rotisserie chicken, which we spit-roasted on our backyard grill.

Chicken Kebabs with a Lemon Coconut Aminos Glaze, an Ultimate Summer Food

These chicken kebabs with lemon coconut aminos glaze won the night. We served them over wholegrain rice—an ultimate summer meal.

Chopped Cruciferous Salad with Lemon Olive Oil Dressing and Grilled Chicken Breast

Filling, clean, flavorful, crisp, this chopped cruciferous salad with lemon olive oil dressing tastes like summer in a shallow bowl.

A pork loin kebab kind of night

Our garden is teeming with fresh vegetables. What to do? Toss them on the grill with pork loin. It’s a kebab kinda night.

Grilled Plank Salmon with a Mustard Brown Sugar Glaze

Grilling salmon on a plank, however, is rather foolproof. More importantly, it delivers a juicy, smoky, perfectly done piece of salmon.

Do-it-yourself rotisserie chicken

Rotisserie chicken—spit-roasted in our backyard–is much, much better than fine. It’s damn fine. Stated alternatively, it’s bet-your-ass fantastic

Rösle Stainless-Steel Charcoal Chimney

Can we admit something? We ordinarily use a gas grill. It’s just more convenient. It heats up quickly. It cooks reliably. We miss charcoal, though, because of the unrivalled flavor. Nothing beats a hamburger on a charcoal grill. So, we do own one and break it out whenever the itch to feel authentic strikes us. […]

Emile Henry Pizza Stone

We’ve dumped delivery pizza. It’s junk—buttery, processed junk. Sometimes, we dine out for a wood-fired pie. But, know what? We churn out a damn fine pizza. Fresh dough. Quality toppings. Homemade sauce. Our secret? We have an Emile Henry Pizza Stone. It helps an ordinary oven act like a classic brick oven. It absorbs moisture […]

Here’s how we make our beer can chicken better

You make beer can chicken, right? Of course, you do. Everyone does. And, if you don’t for some strange reason, say you do. An admission otherwise will earn you a one-way ticket to ridicule and rejection. We at G@H won’t lecture you on how you should make the dish. But, kindly allow us to share […]

Nothing, we mean nothing, beats smoking a whole chicken

We chuckle when we see a $25 chicken breast on a restaurant menu. We love chicken, but it’s not meant to be expensive. Its affordability is part of its splendor. The $25 chicken entrée, though, has plenty of defenders. They herald its deliciousness. They vividly describe how tender and full of flavor it is. And, […]

Can you smell that? It’s spring. Finally.

Spring began officially on March 20. For us, though, Easter marks the start of our favorite season. Chirping birds. Sprouting Plants. No more snow. Here are four reasons why we love spring. 4. Baseball People complain that baseball moves slowly. They don’t get it. Football is our favorite sport, and we hang on every play. […]

G@H: Bradley Digital Smoker

The Bradley Digital Smoker is a better way to smoke meat

Everyone everywhere loves cooking meat outdoors. Trust us: we’ve traveled a bit. Outdoor cooking isn’t regional. It doesn’t belong to any particular ethnic cuisine. No, it’s a shared treasure, coded deeply in our DNA. Outdoor cooking connects us to mutual ancestors—those cavemen grilling bison steak over open flame—you know, our great-great-great50 grandparents. Outdoor cooking is […]