Can you smell that? It’s spring. Finally.

Posted on April 20, 2014

G@H: Spring is Here

Spring began officially on March 20. For us, though, Easter marks the start of our favorite season. Chirping birds. Sprouting Plants. No more snow.

Here are four reasons why we love spring.

4. Baseball

People complain that baseball moves slowly. They don’t get it. Football is our favorite sport, and we hang on every play. But, baseball is our favorite leisure-time activity. It makes the perfect backdrop. You can do almost anything while following the game. Mow. Grill. Day drink. Night drink. Regrettably, they never play in the morning.

G@H: Spring is Here - Baseball

3. Grilling

Speaking of grilling, do it. The hardiest among us never stopped. They refused to yield to winter’s cruelty. Cheers to them, but we aren’t so resilient.

Winter had ended. Let’s all commence to grilling. We’ve got a leg of lamb spinning on our Weber rotisserie.

G@H: Spring is Here - Grilling

2. Fresh strawberries

If you’ve never tasted a garden/farm fresh strawberry, then you’ve never lived. Seriously, your existence is hollow and tragic. Rectify that this May and June. And, keep eating in-season fruit all summer.

G@H: Spring is Here - Fresh Strawberries

1. Outside

Inside sucks. Okay, it’s fine in moderation. You should sleep there most nights. Otherwise, go outside.

G@H: Spring is Here - Go Outside

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