Behold the splendor of the Liberty Garden Model 1200

Posted on June 3, 2015

G@H: Liberty Garden Model 1200 Two Wheel Hose Cart

What is beauty? That may seem like an overly subjective even unanswerable question. We, however, aren’t playing philosopher. We aren’t venturing into the abstract. If you own a home, the question is not a hard one to answer. Homeowners understand beauty, and beauty is whatever makes a hard job easier, cleaner and quicker.

By that standard, we found something mighty beautiful. It’s the Liberty Garden Model 1200 Two Wheel Hose Cart.

The Model 1200 looks nice. Its powder coat finish and clean construction make it attractive on its own. More importantly, it neutralizes a potential eyesore. Nevermore will you be the reviled neighbor with a garden hose strewn hastily about the lawn. Your homeowner’s association will relax. Your grass will breathe. Your feet, they will travel freely and untripped.

G@H: Liberty Garden Model 1200 Two Wheel Hose Cart

Of course, more factors into beauty than mere looks. Utility is beautiful. Smart design is beautiful. Durability is beautiful.

Built with a 13-gauge steel frame and a cast aluminum spool, the Model 1200 can withstand the rigors of hard work. Its pneumatic tires glide over grass and navigate tough terrain, including the stone steps leading from our backyard to our front. It can hold over 200 feet of hose. That’s more than enough to reach every corner our property.

The Model 1200’s parts were assembled effortlessly. We had it ready for action within 10 minutes. And, unlike some assembly-required purchases, the end result is sturdy and strong.

G@H: Liberty Garden Model 1200 Two Wheel Hose Cart

Our parents also own a hose reel. Made of plastic, it feels fragile and flimsy. It might last a couple of summers.

Our Model 1200, though, is a tank. It might last damn near forever. It might become an heirloom passed along to our children and then our children’s children. One distant day in the future, our progeny might donate it to a museum because something this beautiful belongs to everyone.

Hey, it could happen. For now, we’ll concentrate on keeping the tomatoes watered.

G@H: Liberty Garden Model 1200 Two Wheel Hose Cart

Got your interest peaked? Here’s a list of retailers and a video of the Model 1200 in action:

We at G@H thank Liberty Garden Products for providing the sample Model 1200.

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