Bitter Lemon Runner: A Summer Cocktail

Posted on September 6, 2016


Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer. But, no. We refuse to simply concede. Go down without a fight, we won’t. The weather is still hot. Baseball is still being played. The pools are still open. And, summer cocktails, they still taste extraordinary.

Taking advantage of the three-day weekend, we concocted this cocktail. We mixed our bitter lemonade and added Kirk and Sweeney 12 Year Old Rum, Grand Marnier, and grenadine.

It’s gloriously tart, light and refreshing. We call it a Bitter Lemon Runner.

Bitter Lemonade


  • Juice of three lemons
  • Three tablespoons of coconut sugar
  • Five cups of water


Stir ingredients together. Let stand for 5 minutes for sugar to dissolve. Stir again. Refrigerate.

Bitter Lemon Runner


  • Two ounces of bitter lemonade
  • Two ounces of rum
  • One ounce of Grand Marnier
  • One tablespoon of grenadine
  • Lemon wedges, to garnish
  • Mint leaves, to garnish


Add bitter lemonade, rum, Grand Marnier and grenadine to a cocktail shaker. Add ice. Shake. Strain out cocktail pouring in glass over ice. Garnish with a lemon wedge and a mint leaf.

This recipe makes cocktails for two.

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