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This summer Cobb salad is a grand slam

This summer Cobb salad with garden-fresh tomato is a grand slam, especially its dressing, a non-creamy, clean-eating riff on honey mustard.

Chicken Kebabs with a Lemon Coconut Aminos Glaze, an Ultimate Summer Food

These chicken kebabs with lemon coconut aminos glaze won the night. We served them over wholegrain rice—an ultimate summer meal.

Chocolate and Butterscotch Mixed Nut Bars – Sweet and Salty, Kinda Like Us

We planned to make peanut butter bars but couldn’t resist tossing in walnuts, almonds and Macadamia nuts. Crunchy. Satisfying. Decadent.

Honey Garlic Sriracha Chicken Wings

As lovers of chicken wings, we’ve begun developing healthier recipes. Our pressure cooker is key. It develops bold flavor and rich sauce.

“Early June” Cocktail with Ripe Strawberries, Fresh Mint, and—of course—Whiskey

Being June, and having a garden brimming with early arrivals, we decided to incorporate ripe strawberries and fresh mint into our Friday night cocktail. The result? Great success! We’ve dubbed it “Early June.”

Honey Vanilla Strawberry Jam is Spring in a Jar

We transformed a bowl of homegrown strawberries into jars of honey vanilla strawberry jam. Toast never tasted so good.

Sour Cream Banana Bread in the Bread Machine

Let’s be clear: this isn’t the banana bread you instinctively think of when you hear banana bread. That’s cake. This ain’t cake. It’s bread with banana as an ingredient. The banana and sour cream combine to form a moist, spongy texture. Those craving light and fluffy should look elsewhere. This bread is dense. It’s not […]

G@H’s Wheat Almond Milk Bread

A gentleman should embrace his artisanal side whether it be in the workshop or the kitchen. We at G@H love fresh bread and believe that a bread machine, though not essential, is a handy appliance for the modern gentleman. Carb count all you want. We refuse to live without bread, pizza, pretzels and pasta – […]