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For our birthday, we crafted our go-to cocktail, a Horsefeather.

A Horsefeather cocktail is refreshing but not sweet, boozy but not overpowering. And, the ginger beer provides a entertaining bit of spice.

We went on spring break, invented a cocktail, and named it a Palm Springs Whiskey Sour

We visit Palm Springs every March. With all the fresh grapefruit just a pluck away, we’d be fools not to make whiskey cocktails with them. We call this one a Palms Springs Whiskey Sour.

Big Boy Sarsaparilla with Crown Royal Vanilla and Root Liqueur

Vanilla whiskey and root liqueur without anything else produces a spectacular sip. We added flavors of orange, brown sugar and bitters.

“But First Coffee” Cocktail

Question: Will drinking espresso liqueur at night keep you awake into the wee hours? Answer: We don’t know, but this cocktail tastes so delicious that you won’t much care. Call it cabin fever. Call it inspiration. We’ve been on a “stocking the bar” kick. That means trying different whiskeys and tequilas, but every trip to […]

A Chiefs Mule Because It’s Playoff Week

In 1960, Lamar Hunt spearheaded the founding of the American Football League as a rival to the National Football League. He created the Dallas Texans franchise. Three years later, Hunt relocated the Texans to Missouri where they became the Kansas City Chiefs. (Yes, Kansas City is in Missouri.) For that first year in Kansas City, […]

Ancho Reyes warms the belly and the soul

Ancho Reyes, an ancho chile liqueur, has a piquant kick that lingers on the tongue. The spice does not overwhelm but melds with flavor of caramelized sugar.

Ginger Beer + Reposado Tequila = Jalisco Mule

A tequila cocktail makes the perfect companion on a hot July evening. This Jalisco Mule has lime juice, blue agave, bitters and cucumber.

We made a scofflaw. It’s a cocktail.

Scofflaw Cocktail- The word “scofflaw” refers to people who flout the law, particularly those drinking illegally during the Prohibition-era.