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Iowa makes tasty cow-themed coffee

We always welcome houseguests bearing gifts. We recently hosted family from Iowa. They left a bag of Cow Tipper from Verena Street Coffee Co. in Dubuque, Iowa. It’s really good. It tastes, well, exactly how it says it tastes: “a rich and creamy blend of vanilla, caramel and coffee liqueur flavoring.” Good news! They ship–$5 […]

Rieger’s Kansas City Whiskey tastes brilliant in coffee or by itself

Allow us to issue with a brief disclaimer. You shouldn’t start every morning with whiskey in your coffee. It’s just not responsible. Some mornings, though, it’s perfect. Weekends, for example. And when it’s really, really cold outside. Awaking to a frigid Saturday, we recently indulged. We uncorked a bottle of Rieger’s Kansas City Whiskey that […]

We’re spoiled. We have a Keurig K75 Platinum.

We used to have a fine, ordinary coffeemaker. It was a 12 cup. It was programmable. It even looked nice—brushed metal. But, we only used it on weekends. Mornings before work, the process just seemed like a hassle. Cleaning the filter. Grinding the beans. Waiting for it to brew. Yes, we’re soft, especially in the […]