Carbonate your life with fizzy water

Posted on January 25, 2014

SodaStream Jet

We at G@H sometimes drink our calories. When we do, we opt for craft beer, not sugary drinks. Oh, we most definitely like soda pop. We just prefer ours calorie-free. Because, you know, it’s healthier, maybe.

Every afternoon, the craving hits: we need our fizzy drink fix. We’ve experimented with alternatives. We’ve tried flavored drink powder. Without bubbles, though, it’s just boring.

Deconstructing our drink, a simple truth struck us. Carbonation is all we need. And, water plus only carbonation makes for a healthy habit.

Europeans adore sparking water. Trust us. We’re learned and well traveled. Americans, though, prefer their water unadulterated. In fact, finding sparkling water in the United States can prove difficult—and expensive.

Meet the SodaStream Jet. It’s a bona fide solution for enjoying sparkling water unpretentiously. The machine couldn’t be simpler. It connects a large CO2 cartridge to a one-liter bottle of tap water. Pressing a button injects CO2 into the bottle, thereby carbonating the water.

One cartridge makes approximately 60 liters. An empty cartridge can be exchanged for about $15. So, after startup costs, each liter of fizzy goodness costs about 25¢.

SodaStream offers over 60 flavors

And, of course, a gentleman needn’t lead a flavorless life. When you hanker for a little zest, SodaStream offers over 60 flavors. Their diet varieties contain no aspartame. (Supertasters, rejoice.) We especially dig the Diet Pink Grapefruit but only add about one-third of the recommended dosage.

Diet Pink Grapefruit from SodaStream

Goodbye, vending machine, our old friend.

We at G@H thank SodaStream for providing a sample SodaStream Jet.

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