Go west, young man, go west

Posted on May 22, 2015

Stranahan's Small Batch Colorado Whiskey

Change permeates life. That’s mostly good. Humans must evolve. We need to test our limits and refresh our surroundings. The world will never be conquered by the sedentary and complacent. So, we welcome change, but it can be bittersweet.

Next week, a close friend packs up his newly purchased Jeep and departs for the Rocky Mountains. Happy for him, we are. No decision in the history of decisions was more right than his. He gets to chase a new adventure in an awe-inspiring place—one replete with skiing, hiking, fresh air and stunning vistas.

We’ll miss seeing him every day, which is the unfortunate part. We also envy him. It’s a deed requiring real courage. Above all, we wish him well.

We got him this bottle of Stranahan’s Small Batch Colorado Whiskey. We figured it’d provide a taste of where he’s going before he gets there. God speed, Ben!

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