Be a better a son by buying your father Scotch whiskey

Posted on March 10, 2015

Aberlour 12

We at G@H pride ourselves on being excellent sons to our fathers. Well, okay, not the best. We did crash the family car that one time. And, we did lose his favorite cooler. And, who knew that you can’t microwave a fork? Or let it go down the garbage disposal?

But we’ve got to rank at least as above-average sons. After all, we never spent even a night in jail. We never lit the house on fire. And, we’ve grown up to get jobs. Real adult jobs.

Most importantly, we show gratitude. We repay our father for his love, time, wisdom and patience with fine Scotch whiskey. Every Christmas, we buy him a bottle. We repeat the gesture for birthdays and Father’s Day.

The effect is two-fold. First, he has built an impressive Scotch bar. Second, he knows that we appreciate him.

We recently gifted him a bottle of Aberlour 12. It’s a double cask matured single malt whisky distilled and bottled in Scotland. Credit Pops; he shares. The bottle almost didn’t survive its first night.

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