Rieger’s Kansas City Whiskey tastes brilliant in coffee or by itself

Posted on February 24, 2015

Rieger’s Kansas City Whiskey

Allow us to issue with a brief disclaimer. You shouldn’t start every morning with whiskey in your coffee. It’s just not responsible. Some mornings, though, it’s perfect. Weekends, for example. And when it’s really, really cold outside.

Awaking to a frigid Saturday, we recently indulged. We uncorked a bottle of Rieger’s Kansas City Whiskey that we’d received for Christmas. (BTW, whiskey makes the best gifts.) We poured a shot—approximately—in our cup of Joe. Boy did it elevate the day. It warmed our bodies and souls. More importantly, it delivered the requisite bravery to go outside and shovel the driveway.

The real test for whiskey, though, lies in how it tastes straight. Rieger’s Kansas City Whiskey is perilously smooth. It goes down so easy but be warned: it packs such a punch. Enjoy it enthusiastically and mindfully.

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