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A Long Weekend in New York

We enjoyed one helluva weekend in NYC, including eating, drinking, socializing, a little culture and even a trip to the theater. Here’s a comprehensive, linear itinerary of our exploits.

We went on spring break, invented a cocktail, and named it a Palm Springs Whiskey Sour

We visit Palm Springs every March. With all the fresh grapefruit just a pluck away, we’d be fools not to make whiskey cocktails with them. We call this one a Palms Springs Whiskey Sour.

48 Hours in Brew City: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

If it’s summer, visit Milwaukee. If it’s winter, plan your summer trip to Milwaukee.

The Hopleaf Bar is Brussels in Chicago

We studied abroad in London in 2003. From United Kingdom, we made many weekend getaways to other Western European countries. We took our first such trip to Brussels, Belgium. Honestly, we didn’t expect much. We had a free weekend and said, “Hey, Brussels is close.” And, it was close; it was also awesome. Travel is […]

Devín Castle was the best approximately $4.50 that we could ever hope to spend

We enjoy Eastern Europe for many reasons. For one, they are far less concerned with rules and constraints. Why? Maybe they prefer a mellow, easygoing lifestyle. More likely, though, they have an underdeveloped tort system, so no one worries much about being sued. At moments, this approach proves problematic like when there’s a gaping hole […]

Budapest ain’t like the rest — of them European capitals.

We haven’t been everywhere in the world. But, we have collected a few stamps on the old passport. Budapest ranks high on G@H’s Favorite Cities list. Here’s why. 1. Buda Castle As children, we daydreamed about repelling invaders from a castle fortress. That vision became reality on a January day in Budapest. Buda Castle, a […]

Rocky Mountain National Park: A Continent Divided Stands Just Fine

We at G@H write about the home, but we spend amble time outside of it. We work. We socialize. We travel. For the modern adventurer, cosmopolitan America and the great cities of Europe offer much. Yet, when the call of the wild sounds, a gentleman answers. No fish should go unhooked or mountain unclimbed when […]