The Want List: Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Posted on July 9, 2013

Every gentleman needs a hobby, though we at G@H have accumulated a few leisurely pursuits too many. We play fantasy football and beer-league softball. We grow vegetables. We run. We cook. We travel. We sample new bands and exotic liquors. We hike. We pickle things.

We are jacks of many trades, masters of, well, maybe, one. Our recreational gluttony mixed with permits us to hone a skill: photography. See, ours is a visual racket. Without pictures, we’d be sentenced to a solitary confinement of words. Can you imagine us clumsily describing William Howard Taft’s portrait on our fireplace mantel or boasting, without verification, of our succulent banana peppers? Awkward.

Photography animates this website. We shoot exclusively with Canon. Ours is modest equipment, so we lust after the Canon EOS 5D Mark III. If you lug around a DSLR, you should share our infatuation. It can shoot 6 frames per second in 22.1 megapixel resolution. Users rave about its 61-point autofocus. They say it performs impeccably in low light and high action situations. The 5D even films video in full HD and has been used for documentaries and short films.

Imagine the amusement such an apparatus would bring. Glamour shots of our gadgets. Portraits of our pints. And, of course, hilarious videos of us acting . . . gentlemanly.