Binge-watching House of Cards with our New Luminoodle USB Bias Lighting

Posted on September 20, 2017

House of Cards, Season 5

Is there anything more satisfying than binge-watching an entire season of one of your favorite television shows? It’s like completing a marathon but without all of the running. And without the training and the blisters and the waking up early. Unlike a marathon, you can sit on your sofa the entire time.

We’re tardy here, but we enjoyed the latest installment (Season 5) of House of Cards. For us, these past few seasons, the prior ones, had veered off-track. The plot twists were too farfetched. The storylines were choppy, hard to follow. We didn’t get the Will Conway, Governor of New York/Republican nominee, character at all. But, Season 5 returned to form. It reminded us of Season 1 where the focus lay squarely on the Underwood’s ruthlessness, ambition and scheming. They are most intriguing when wagging the dog as opposed to being wagged themselves.

use of Cards, Season 5

We at G@H feel confident in our bona fides as television critics. That said, Rotten Tomatoes suggests that our impression of Season 5 exceeds the mean. There, Season 5 received an AVERAGE TOMATOMETER score of 72%, which is the lowest of the show’s five seasons. But, hey, Season 4 has a 88%, and there is no way it surpassed Season 1, which has a 86%. The damn thing is askew.

Do you notice the backlighting behind our television? On a whim, we purchased this Luminoodle USB Bias Lighting from Amazon. We bought the 118-inch strand. It comes with an attached adhesive strip, and it fits perfectly around this 42-inch TV. The USB port of the TV provides all the necessary power, and the lighting turns off and on with the TV.

Luminoodle USB Bias Lighting

Backlighting reduces eyestrain. It also improves the image by enhancing contrast. And, it looks pretty rad too.

We can’t wait until Season 2 of Stranger Things is released.