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The Wren Sound V5 with AirPlay

We fancy ourselves renaissance gentlemen. Our interests vary. They span the spectrum from gardening to gadgets, baking to basketball. But, as intellectually diverse as we may (or may not) be, we tend to obsess.  At any given time, we’re fascinated by something. Right now, it’s sound. Wireless speakers exist in a crowded market. Lots of […]

Ooma Telo Free Home Phone Service

At his best, a gentleman defends virtue and fights wickedness. We at G@H, therefore, must intervene. If you have a landline telephone, you are getting bilked. Swindled. Duped. Hoodwinked. The time for rebellion has come. Oppressors beware. Let us present two avenues to liberty. First, you can use your cell phone exclusively. This will save […]