We have the best mom; yours is probably great too.

Posted on May 8, 2015

Our mom's peonies

Mother’s Day arrives on Sunday. You ready? If not, get yourself straight, son!

Without your mother, you’d be nothing—literally non-existent. She birthed you. She raised you. She fed you. She clothed you. She loved you despite all of those times that you were, frankly, unlovable.

Know how rocking our mother is? She grew those gorgeous peonies pictured above. She’s got mad skills. Parenting skills, obviously. Gardening skills, more obviously.

You should thank your mother everyday. But, of course, you don’t. You instead honor her once a year on Mother’s Day. You’d better make it count; here’s how:

1. Treat your mother to brunch

Nothing says gratitude like bacon and poached eggs. And a fluffy Belgium waffle.

Mother's Day Brunch

2. Write her a thank you note

Express your feelings. Prove you’re not an emotion-less robot.

Mother's Day card

3. Bake her something

A pie would be great. We love pie. We inherited that from her.

Mother's Day apple pie

4. Get your mother a bottle of wine

You’ve saddled her with a lifetime of stress. Help relieve it.

Mother's Day wine

5. Let her borrow her grand-dog for the afternoon

This might apply exclusively to our mother. But, she loves, loves, loves that damn dog, who admittedly is highly lovable.

Upgrade Your Best Friend

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