Every Candle Should Smell like Schnitzel

Posted on August 22, 2013

We at G@H respect Eastern European mustaches.
We at G@H are admirers of Eastern Europe. Our Gentleman-in-Chief served two years as a Peace Corps volunteer in the region. We appreciate the beauty of Baroque architecture. We enjoy the homemade wine and plum brandy. We respect the mustaches. We love the schnitzel. No, I mean we really love schnitzel. It’s like a chicken fried steak but more sophisticated, more refined. More, well, European.

Unless you have a Hungarian grandmother, you likely struggle to find good schnitzel in America. Here’s a recipe. Attempt at your own peril, though. We tried frying one up and burnt the hell out of our hand. It made for a rotten train ride.

Luckily, Yankee Candle lets us experience the comforting aroma of schnitzel without the risk of bodily harm. It is perfect. Okay, almost perfect. We’d substitute the noodles for pommes frites with mayonnaise.



We at G@H have not used this product and cannot speak to its quality or effectiveness

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