Welcome to the Gentleman’s Spring Guide

Posted on April 18, 2015

Gentleman's Spring Guide

Where we find ourselves today, the rain is pouring. The old man? First, we’re not old. Second, we aren’t snoring. An afternoon nap would be pleasant. Alas, this article beckons; it won’t write itself.

Rain gets a bad rap, though. Remember what they say about April showers? Spring ranks as our favorite season. What’s not to like? Chirping birds. Sprouting plants. Baseball. No more snow.

Winter locks us inside. Inside sucks. Okay, it’s fine in moderation. You should sleep there most nights. Otherwise, go outside and plant something or mow something or grill something.

Here are some products that make our favorite season even better. Check out the Gentleman’s Spring Guide 2015.

Gentleman’s Spring Guide 2015

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