Succulents rock. Succulents rock. Ohio!

Posted on January 21, 2016

Succulents in Ikea SÖTCITRON self-watering pots

We at G@H appreciate a nice houseplant. It really can class up a space. When evaluating options, we favor attractiveness, of course, but also durability and ease of maintenance. That is, we want a plant that dies hard like Bruce Willis. As busy, in-demand gentlemen, we sometimes forget the watering. That can prove fatal. Nothing depresses us more than when we accidentally kill something, even greenery. Succulents in Ikea SOCKER plant stand

Succulents rock. They look sharp. They thrive indoors in small containers. They don’t require frequent watering. They are essentially us-proof.

We recently logged onto Etsy, searched “succulents,” and bought a whole damn boxful to be delivered second-day air from the Succulent Source. It was a good decision. Maybe, the best decision that we made all month.

How many succulents are too many? Certainly, such a number exists, but it isn’t 20 plants because we bought 20 plants. We have use for all of them. For instance, we arranged 13 in this Ikea SOCKER plant stand.

We put the rest in Ikea SÖTCITRON self-watering pots. Three came to work with us and adorn our desk. Three stayed at home to decorate our spare bedroom. One is missing. Literally, it’s missing. We have no clue where we put it. Someone might have stolen it. If you see a suspicious character roaming the streets with a potted succulent, alert the authorities. Better yet, make a citizen’s arrest.

Color us pleased with our succulent splurge. Now, we’re in the market for some flowering cacti. Don’t judge us. We get obsessed.

Succulents rock. Succulents rock. Ohio!