It’s our pegboard organizational apparatus–you know, for cookware

Posted on July 12, 2015

G@H: pegboard organizational apparatus

We may not cook like Julia Child, but we can organize like her. After recently scoring a legit set of Aurora stainless steel set from Zwilling J.A. Henckel and a nifty non-stick frying pan from Le Creuset, a little redecoration seemed in order. “This gorgeous cookware deserves to be displayed!” we proclaimed as we slammed a fist upon the table for dramatic emphasis. And so, we commenced constructing what you see here: this pegboard organizational apparatus.

Impressed? We are certainly proud of ourselves, per usual. Care to imitate? You should. As far as projects go, it was both cheap and easy. We bought the pegboard at Home Depot. We got the mounts and hooks on Amazon. Everything cost about $40 total. Not shabby.

Assembly took two hours. We devoted most of that time to measuring and leveling because crookedness would have been damn shameful. Happy home improving!

Aurora stainless steel pots and pans from Zwilling J.A. Henckel

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