Home Decorating with the Pride of Chippewa Falls

Posted on June 25, 2013

Leinenkugel's beer coaster
You want your home to reflect the dynamism of you. Your style. Your creativity. Your vigor and gusto.  You may have painted your den the ideal shade of squirrel grey. You may have invested a week’s salary in a mid-century modern sofa from West Elm. Yet, something is off. The room feels lacking, rather empty.

Panic not.  You’ve scored the touchdown. All you need now is the extra point. A few pieces of small décor can finish a room brilliantly.  Of course, small décor can befuddle us gentlemen. We don’t understand the utility of decorative lanterns or glass jars filled with fake rocks covered in fake moss.

At G@H, we enjoy decorating with beer paraphernalia. When you happen upon a coaster for a beloved beer, swipe it. Take it home. Stick it in a frame. Place it next to a lamp. Room finished.  Now, who wants a cold Leinies?

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