Devín Castle was the best approximately $4.50 that we could ever hope to spend

Posted on June 22, 2015

Devín Castle

Devín CastleWe enjoy Eastern Europe for many reasons. For one, they are far less concerned with rules and constraints. Why? Maybe they prefer a mellow, easygoing lifestyle. More likely, though, they have an underdeveloped tort system, so no one worries much about being sued.

At moments, this approach proves problematic like when there’s a gaping hole in the road with no signs to warn you or barriers to block you. Other times, it’s the best. The absolute best.

No greater example of this exists than visiting the ruins of Eastern European castles. For the price of admission, you literally get run of the castle. You can go anywhere. You can climb on anything. It is the manifestation of all of our childhood dreams. At Devín Castle outside Bratislava, Slovakia, they even provided us with replica equipment—swords, shields, helmets, maces, etc.—to make the experience authentic.

And, no, we weren’t LARPing.

Devín Castle

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