A Collection of Beer Labels Commemorates Your Global Exploits

Posted on March 18, 2013

A Collection of Beer Labels Commemorates your Global Exploits
A Silva Negra at Dracula’s Castle
You backpacked across India. You studied a semester at sea. You speak four languages, including an almost dead aboriginal dialect. Every summer, you lead a medical mission to Haiti. Every Christmas, you sponsor all the children  in a remote Mongolian village.

You are a gentleman of the world.  We commend you.  But, along with adaptability and persistence, your travels have taught you the virtue of humility. Boasting does not become a gentleman. Instead, let your home tell your tales of glory. When abroad, stash train tickets, unused currency, maps and memorabilia.  Upon triumphantly returning stateside, integrate those treasures into your decor. They will remind you of past adventure and prompt future conversation.

We at G@H enjoy traveling and sampling local beer, and we frequently combine these two activities.  Whether it’s a warm Tusker in the shadow of Kilimanjaro or a Silva Negra at Dracula’s Castle, if they have beer, we gladly indulge.  To understand a people, you must drink as they drink.  And after the libation is gone and conversation ceased and vacation ended, you will have a lasting memento: the label.  Each label represents an interaction.  A collection of labels makes for a lifetime of experiences. So, gather them zealously and display them proudly.

Arnie drinking a Starobrno