Being a bachelor doesn’t give you license to be an Ebenezer

Posted on December 8, 2013

The Gentleman's Holiday Tree
We would rather not accent our mantel with seasonal décor. Frankly, not to offend your Aunt Edna, it is a tad cheesy. Pinecones belong outside. Fake cherries look fake. Snow globes creep us out. More than that, changing décor every three months demands too much effort—at least more effort that we are willing to expend.

Gentlemen, though, are no curmudgeons. The holiday spirit touches us, too.  We are inspired by friends and family, pecan pie and peanut brittle, mulled wine and spiked eggnog. Sleigh rides? Maybe. Wassailing? Maybe not.

A true gentleman puts up a holiday tree. Size may vary depending on space, but only an Ebenezer goes without.  Allow G@H to provide some tried and true tips for your holiday tree.

Luxe Faux Fur Tree Skirt from Restoration Hardware -- Coyote

  1. Go artificial. We typically prefer the genuine article, but when it comes to trees, fake trumps real. Why? The branches look full and sprightly and are already lit. You needn’t strap it onto your car’s roof to get it home. And, forgetting to water it will not cause a house fire. Said another way, artificial trees are idiot-proof. (In this scenario, we are the idiots.)
  2. Stay classy. Whether you live in San Diego or Cincinnati, simple ornaments reign supreme. Save the hodgepodge of keepsake ornaments for the children. Bachelors should stick with classic orbs of red, silver, green and gold. For a splash of swag, throw on some tinsel.
  3. But, get rowdy underneath. A holiday tree is like a mullet: business on top but a party down below.  The skirt is where you showcase your personality. If you are dull and limp, feel free to opt for a bland tree skirt. But, if you are creative and dynamic, demand more. Nothing screams Gentleman! like this Luxe Faux Fur Tree Skirt from Restoration Hardware.

We at G@H wish you a joyful yuletide.