The Right Duvet Goes a Long Way – And Other Bedding Tips from G@H

Posted on April 9, 2014

The Right Duvet Goes a Long Way – And Other Bedding Tips from G@H

We at G@H promote the holistic gentleman. But, we acknowledge that it doesn’t all come naturally. We’ve always loved sports. Technology continually captivates us. We’ve never declined smoked spare ribs. Other things, though, are acquired skills/tastes. We had to learn the utility of nice, sturdy silverware. We didn’t instinctively get that tidy isn’t synonymous with clean. Bedding, we drastically undervalued bedding.

Your bed speaks volumes about you. You spend as much time in it as in any one place. Your bed must be comfortable. It must be clean. It must support your back and provide space to sprawl. And though ranking lower on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, admittedly much lower, your bed should look sharp. You should dress it with style, a little panache.

Allow us to provide a few gentlemanly tips:Velvet Ikat Embroidered Ogee Pillow Cover

Strive for subtlety. Sprinkle in flair. For reasons beyond us, the comforter makers of America prefer the ornate. We struggled finding a comforter without chevron, stripes or floral print. But, do. Avoid sensory overload by opting for a simple, pattern-free comforter. Toss on a few pillows and a quilt or throw to add zest. We like this Velvet Ikat Embroidered Ogee Pillow Cover from west elm.

Duvet it. Winter is cold. Summer is hot. One comforter cannot serve two masters. Buy both a heavy and a lightweight insert. Then, select one awesome, year-round duvet. We’re big fans of this Orkney Natural linen duvet cover from Rough Linen. It’s like us. Hardworking yet humble. Masculine yet tender. Unpretentious. Genuine. Snugglely. Yes, Snugglely.

Splurge on sheets. While awake, your loyal hound may be your best bud. While you sleep, it’s your sheets, so get nice ones. Fabric matters most. We prefer 100% cotton. Next important is thread count. Never settle for less than 180. But, 300 plus — that’s living right.

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