The Want List: Even gentlemen need nightstands

Posted on September 19, 2014


We at G@H are in the market for a nightstand. We’re simple gentlemen who don’t need much. Food. Shelter. Purpose. The basics. Just recently, we’ve discovered that we need a night stand.

The realization struck as we stumbled out of bed yesterday and inadvertently punted a glass of water, which we’d set on the floor the previous night, across our bedroom. This is a frequent happening. The situation has become untenable.

If we could build a nightstand, we would. We can’t, though. Woodworking isn’t our forte despite having earned a merit badge in it at summer camp. So, we have set out in search of the ideal nightstand. We think we found it.

Like us, the Mid-Century Nightstand from west elm isn’t pretentious. It’s simple, clean and attractive. We like the color combination of white and acorn. It makes us feel like Don Draper. In his honor, we may stash a pint of bourbon in the bottom drawer. Actually, no. That’s a bad idea.

Mid-Century Nightstand - White + Acorn


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