BE IT RESOLVED, knitted ties mean business

Posted on March 13, 2014

Knitted Ties from

We at G@H have long been intrigued by the knitted tie. Aesthetically, we approve. But, we never quite understood. Is a knitted tie less formal than a traditional one? Is a knitted tie too casual for the office? If so, what’s its utility? Who spends their leisure time with a buttoned top button? Not us.

These questions befuddled us. But then, something changed. A flip switched. We were struck by a great truth: the fashion police have no authority over us. Why? Because we make the laws that they purport to enforce.

Watch as the legislative process unfolds before your eyes.

WHEREAS, knitted ties liven up ordinary workplace attire with texture, color and pattern.

WHEREAS, knitted ties coordinate smartly with sport coats and cardigans, dress pants and khakis.

WHEREAS, the wearer of a knitted tie projects confidence, creativity and independent thinking.

WHEREAS, a little rebelliousness is a good thing.

BE IT RESOLVED, knitted ties mean business.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, get yourself a couple. We did with the above-pictured Apple Red Knit Stripe and Rust Doss Knit Stripe, each only $15 from

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