Start the day like Nordic god with breakfast charcuterie

Posted on February 17, 2018

breakfast charcuterie

We recently ate brunch at a local restaurant which serves what it calls Scandinavian comfort food. We loved it. The breakfast charcuterie really caught our attention. Believe us, strangers to meat and cheese trays, we are not. Never have we ever, though, had one before noon.

It’s so very European, but color us converts. The very next weekend, we brunched on our own home-assembled plate. We had smoked salmon, whole grain mustard, goat cheese with cranberries, honey roasted almonds, fig jam, chipotle toscano cheese, Spanish salami, sweet potato crackers and raisin rosemary chips.

breakfast charcuterie

Which element was the MVP? It was Trader’s Joe because we bought everything there. Seriously everything. That place is magnificent. So was our meal.

Even better, it was super-duper easy. Like (1) get plate, (2) open refrigerator, (3) put stuff on plate, and (4) eat. Breakfast charcuterie will have a place in our weekend rotation, especially for those lazy Sunday mornings when we just want Meet the Press or the previous night’s episode of SNL.

When we do it next, we’re adding something pickled—perhaps banana peppers or cauliflower.

breakfast charcuterie

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