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Start the day like Nordic god with breakfast charcuterie

Color us converts to breakfast charcuterie. In addition to being delicious, it was super-duper easy—perfect for lazy Sunday mornings.

It needn’t be Thanksgiving to eat a turkey breast and gravy sandwich

We prepared turkey breast in the pressure cooker and made gravy with the stock and drippings. It made a delicious sandwich. 

Turkey Sausage Sweet Potato Spinach Soup Will Warm You

Where we sit as we write this article, the calendar reads January. A chill permeates the air. The skies look dull and dreary. The day darkens too early. It’s winter. The dead of winter. We could use a boost—something to warm our bellies and cheer our souls. Luckily, we know the remedy. Soup. Is there […]

Crispy Quinoa Salad and Sweet Potato Coconut Curry Soup

We paired crispy quinoa salad with sweet potato coconut curry soup. That’s a meal that would please any red-blooded American—or someone from China or Uganda or India. Really, everyone.