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Chopped Cruciferous Salad with Lemon Olive Oil Dressing and Grilled Chicken Breast

Filling, clean, flavorful, crisp, this chopped cruciferous salad with lemon olive oil dressing tastes like summer in a shallow bowl.

Mustard seed chicken breasts with Brussels sprouts and cauliflower mash

We ate well last night. Most importantly, it tasted delicious. But it was also healthy, at least healthier than those fried pickles that we had at lunch. BTW, how good are fried pickles? The best. This post, though, is about dinner: our tasty, wholesome, simple-to-make dinner. For the chicken and Brussels sprouts, we took inspiration […]

If you think you can make a pork chop tastier than this one, then you’re dumb

We know that it is impossible to prepare a pork chop which is more tender, more succulent or more flavorful than a pork chop made sous vide.

Pork loin: the other white meat to smoke

May we confess something? We recently smoked pork loin, and it was so easy and so quick that it felt like cheating. We at G@H strive to live the authentic smoker lifestyle. We enjoy staying up all night, tending to our meaty treasure while consuming an adult beverage or two. It provides a good excuse […]


We’re busy, so we Lekue’d dinner tonight

Followers of G@H know that we enjoy cooking and eating. When obligations limit our time to do the former, though, we must still do the latter. Making a good meal fast isn’t easy. Or, at least, it wasn’t easy until we discovered the Lekue Steam Case. This silicone contraption steams meats and vegetables in their […]